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Planet Tech USA ecommerce website

PLANET Technology - IP-based Networking Products & Solutions

Versa Technology is very proud to provide our clients with PLANET Technology networking products, as PLANET's authorized North American Distributor. PLANET Technology is a formative leader in innovative last mile technology. We carry quality PLANET Technology networking devices, such as industrial network equipment, media converters, switches, wireless, XDSL units and Power over Ethernet equipment. At Versa Technology, excellence is our motto, and PLANET Technology products serve our motto well. We provide modern network solutions with PLANET equipment, that are designed to operate with efficiency, while providing the user with an cost-effective and user-friendly experience. Whether for the average user, a small business, college campus, enterprise, or an industrial network, we offer state-of-the-art PLANET products that will revolutionize technology.

This website offers versatile network solutions for any need. With a dependable selection of PLANET Technology network equipment, installation and operation is easier than ever. These networking products feature user-friendly functions, space saving designs, and compatibility to ensure that your experience is the best. At Versa, perfection is key, and we understand the demand for quality technology that rivals the ever-changing industry. PLANET Technology devices offer a comprehensive selection of media converters, switches, power over ethernet units, wireless and XDSL solutions, and IP surveillance cameras to meet any need. With the simple management functions and advanced features crafted into each one of these last mile technology units, Versa Technology has the perfect targeted PLANET solution for your networking needs.