In our recent post on The Smart Factory Revolution–AKA “Industry 4.0,” PLANET explored how manufacturing is transforming and becoming smarter and more agile through automation. Removing the potential for human error in highly repetitive tasks typical to the factory floor demands robust uptime. One key to achieving stable, thriving industrial networks is deployment of industrial hardened technology. PLANET has specially designed the IGS-5225-4UP1T2S, its 4-port wall-mounted Industrial Managed PoE Switch, to provide a full Gigabit backbone to reliably transmit high-speed data in dense industrial environments as well as forward data to remote networks through fiber optic cabling.

The IGS-5225-4UP1T2S Industrial Managed Switch, complete with an IP30 rugged case and a redundant power system, supports 60Gbps switch fabric to handle substantial amounts of video, voice and essential data in a secure topology. It offers expanding industrial networks user-friendly, advanced IPv6/ IPv4 management interfaces and abundant L2/L4 switching functions, significantly improving functionality and dependability while reducing the management burden for busy IT administrators.

When your operation and bottom line are dependent upon machines, investing in technology features that ensure peak performance can pay a high return in changing conditions.

Industrial Hardened to Withstand Extreme Environments Like Factories

Industrial environments provide challenging conditions with plenty of potential for electromagnetic interference. To minimize the risk of unforeseen expensive process disturbances in industrial settings, PLANET’s IGS-5225-4UP1T2S hardened solution is an effective way for end-users to ensure network function at peak efficiency and prevent costly downtime. PLANET has ruggedized this switch to work in the most punishing environments.

Industrial hardening allows the IGS-5225-4UP1T2S to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures ranging from -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C). Designers seal industrial-grade devices to keep out dirt, dust and moisture with enclosures rated on the ingress protection (IP) scale. This insulative covering also protects electronic equipment from static and noise emitters located within a manufacturing floor.

IGS-5225-4UP1T2S Extreme Temperatures

A PoE powered device can take on an electrostatic charge relative to its surroundings through several pathways, for example, the relative motion between the device and the local air mass. Other machines and even workers within the environment can also disturb electronic functioning.

With an IP-rated aluminum case of 30, the IGS-5225-4UP1T2S Industrial Managed Switch provides a high level of immunity against electromagnetic interference and massive electrical surges typical to plant floors or curb-side traffic control cabinets. It also has an integrated power supply source with a wide range of voltages.

Industrial Flat Mount Feature for Deployment Flexibility

Flat mounting allows technicians to secure the device in an ergonomically advantageous position like a wall, shelf or pole, while maintaining accessibility for device management or network expansion. The PLANET IGS-5225-4P2S L2+ Industrial Managed PoE Switch lets you add up to 4 PoE devices (delivering data and power over a single-cable) at up to 36W per device and two fiber ports for mixed networking environments.

Redundancy and Recovery Features Eliminate Downtime

The IGS-5225-4UP1T2S offers quick recovery. It supports redundant ring technology and features a robust, rapid self-recovery to prevent interruptions and external intrusions. Its data link recovery is 10ms.

ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching)

The IGS-5225-4UP1T2S, 4-port solution also incorporates other advanced features.

  • ITU-T G.8032 ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) technology
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1s MSTP)
  • Redundant power input system

The addition of the IGS-5225-4UP1T2S into customer’s industrial automated network will enhance any system reliability and uptime potential.

Digital Input and Digital Output Feature for External Alarm (security)

Switch management capabilities include Digital Input and Digital Output on its upper panel.

DIDO (Digital Input Digital Output)

The digital input may be used to detect external device status (such as door intrusion detector), sending an event alarm to the administrators.

The digital output may also be used to monitor port status and receive alerts of a port link-down, link-up or that it’s power-dead. This feature is ideal for remote deployments.

Intelligent Powered Device Alive Check

You can also configure the IGS-5225-4UP1T2S to monitor connected PD (powered device) status in real-time.

This feature uses a ping action to tell the switch when a PD has stopped working and responding. The Switch recycles the PoE port power and brings the PD back to work, resetting the power source of the PD. Network reliability is significantly enhanced with this feature.

Powered Device Alive Check

PoE Schedule for Energy Saving

The “PoE schedule” function enables you to activate or deactivate the PoE power feed for each PoE port at specified times and intervals, which is a powerful function to help small to medium sized businesses (SMB) and enterprises use power more sustainably while saving money.

PoE Schedule for Energy Saving

IGS-5225-4UP1T2S IPv4 and IPv6 VLAN Routing for Secure and Flexible Management

The IPv4/IPv6 VLAN routing feature which allows data transmissions to crossover different VLANs and different IP addresses for highly-secured, flexible management and networking applications. For organizations that operate over multiple campuses, this feature allows safe use of the internet.

Network Visibility through Platform-Independent Management Interfaces

The IGS-5225-4UP1T2S has a console, Web and SNMP management interfaces with the built-in web-based management interface. The intuitive, platform-independent management and configuration capability can be managed via any management software based on standard SNMP v1 or v2, offering Cisco-like commands via Telnet or console port. Junior administrators won’t need to learn new commands to manage these switches. It is also highly-secure remote management capabilities support SSH, SSL and SNMPv3 connections which can encrypt packet content.

Secure Management

Industrial Hardened Industrial Operations Begin at the Device Level

Experts agree that system hardening should occur any time you introduce a new system, application, appliance, or any other device into an environment. The hardening process establishes a baseline of system functionality and security. The goal of hardening a system is to remove any unnecessary functionality and to configure what is left in a secure manner. Every application, service, driver, feature, and setting installed or enabled on a system can introduce vulnerabilities.

Staying up to date on software and firmware for all devices, using shielded Cat6 or Cat6A cabling and working with managers to develop and follow ESD control standards will ensure optimal performance of your network in any extreme environment.

Find out more about our wide range of industrial hardened switches including the IGS-5225-4UP1T2S.