With so much media focus on cybersecurity (or the lack thereof) lately, it’s not surprising that many organizations overlook their physical security. Some companies may still even be using analog closed-circuit TV systems (CCTV). Some may have chosen wireless solutions because of faster installation and lower costs. However, in more security-conscious industries such as the financial sector, best practices are shifting to IP-based security. These solutions offer more robust security, greater management flexibility, and higher-quality output. Many organizations using IP-based security cameras are unaware of PoE IP security cameras that can reduce lifecycle costs by using a single cable for both data and power.

What is a PoE IP-based Security Camera?

An IP-based camera system uses wired Ethernet connections to collect and send video to a recording device that stores the footage for monitoring. IP-based cameras require an Ethernet connection and a power supply. A PoE IP-based security camera performs the same function as an IP-based camera, except it only requires an Ethernet connection. The technology lets PoE cameras send data and receive power through a single cable.

PoE security cameras require an Ethernet Cat 5 or 6 cable and a PoE switch. These cameras process images and stream them to a network video recorder or similar devices. The recorder can reside in the cloud or on-premise, depending on how the footage will be accessed.

IP Camera Application

With PoE security cameras, organizations can install a camera anywhere an Ethernet connection is available. Power supplies are no longer required, eliminating the need for electricians to run new wiring when adding a camera.

Why Use PoE IP Security Cameras?

PoE technology offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional CCTV and wireless surveillance systems. Because it combines data and power connectivity, the technology is a lower-cost alternative to IP-based security cameras. PoE security cameras deliver a reliable and flexible solution that is simple to install and maintain.


PoE uses one central power source. There’s no need for adapters or batteries. To ensure operations, a PoE system can be attached to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), so cameras can continue to operate during a power outage.

Wireless connections can be interrupted, or the signal can be degraded, making it difficult to maintain continuous surveillance. Weather can impact signal quality. If 24-hour monitoring is required, a wired camera system is more reliable.


Analog systems require cables and power, as do IP-based security cameras. By using the same cable for network and power, PoE technology enables greater flexibility in where cameras can be located.  As long as an Ethernet cable is available, a PoE security camera can be placed anywhere. 

If a camera needs relocating, a PoE device doesn’t require installing a new electric outlet, making it easier to place the camera where it will be most effective. Unlike wireless solutions that require an external signal, PoE security cameras can be placed in less open locations for greater coverage.

High Resolution

PoE security cameras use the latest technology to deliver higher-resolution images. Digital cameras start at 1.3 megapixels which is almost double the resolution of an analog system. PoE technology also incorporates wide-angle views and allows for more narrow focusing. Security systems provide users with zoom capabilities as well as image-enhancing tools. 

The digital signals sent from the camera to a recording device enable the end user to analyze activities without compromising bandwidth. The data is transmitted at the speed of the Ethernet network.


Simple Management and Maintenance

Fewer cables and less hardware reduce the resources needed to manage and maintain a security camera system. If PoE IP-based security cameras combine with a cloud-based solution, the video monitoring system can be managed at any time or place.

Equipment maintenance focuses on cameras, Cat 5 or 6 cables, and PoE switches. Hardware recording device maintenance is only required if a business wants an on-premise solution. Even power outages can be contained through a UPS. 

ONVIF Management

Low Installation Cost

Organizations with employees who can run Ethernet cables do not require outside assistance to configure a PoE security camera. They will not have to schedule an electrician to install added outlets, and they don’t have to wait until an electrician is available.

With PoE technology, companies eliminate the added expense of hiring a certified electrician and gain the ability to deploy security cameras as needed themselves. PoE gives businesses the agility they need to move quickly.

The Changing Safety Landscape

For many businesses, video surveillance systems may seem like overkill. They don’t have on-site inventory or don’t feel they have much worth stealing. Changes in the work environment have altered the safety landscape. For example, businesses have fewer people on-site with more employees working from home. Companies no longer have employees to act as a deterrent against theft or to protect against vandalism. 

The shifting work environment also necessitates a more concentrated focus on who is and isn’t at work. Surveillance is equally important for identifying individuals who do not belong. Organizations face increased pressure to ensure their employees are safe and function in a healthy environment.

Companies also deploy cameras to record workflows. If they are experiencing a high degree of rejects on a production line, they may record the process to determine how it varies from others producing the same product. Watching the operation can provide a clearer operational picture so adjustments can be made quickly.

With PoE IP-based security cameras, businesses have the flexibility to relocate cameras as needed. If there’s a problem on a production line, a camera can be quickly deployed to record operations. There’s no need for a power source, and there’s no concern that a signal will be disrupted. 

While PoE technology can provide a cost-effective video surveillance system to protect physical assets, it can also help companies improve operations and keep their employees safe. Because changing a camera’s location can be as simple as relocating a workstation, there’s no limit to the innovative uses of a PoE IP-based security camera system. 

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