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UPOE-800G 8-Port Ultra PoE Managed Hub

UPOE-800G 8-Port Gigabit 60W Ultra PoE Managed Injector Hub (400W)

Next Generation Power over Ethernet Deployment

The UPOE-800G is a high-density, rack-mountable managed Ultra PoE injector hub that can be remotely managed via its web interface. The unit provides 8 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet ports that support the Ultra PoE injector function and features a total PoE budget of 400 watts. Each PoE port can deliver up to 60-watts of power over standard networking cables (Cat.5/5e/6 Ethernet UTP cables) and simultaneously transmits power and data to connected powered devices (PDs). The UPOE-800G provides a simple and cost-effective Power over Ethernet (PoE) network solution ideal for small businesses and enterprises. Planet’s new Ultra PoE Managed Injector Hub series is a cost-effective Ultra PoE solution that helps existing network infrastructures upgrade to an Ultra Power over Ethernet network system without having to replace their existing Ethernet Switch.

Simple Ultra PoE Network Deployment

The UPOE-800G can be deployed between an Ethernet Switch and a Powered Device. There are a total of 16 RJ45 STP ports on the front panel of the UPOE-800G. The bottom 8 ports are “Data input” interfaces and the upper 8 ports are “PoE (Data and Power) output” interfaces.
The unit’s PoE functionality simultaneously transmits power and data via the UTP links to the connected PDs. With Data and Power delivered via the Ethernet cable, the UPOE-800G eliminates the need to install additional electrical conduits in location sites without power circuitry.

802.3bt Ready — 60 Watts of Power over 4-Pair UTP System

The UPOE-800G Ultra PoE solution relies on IEEE’s 802.3at/af PoE standard. Instead of delivering power over 2-pair twisted UTP – be it end-span (Pin 1, 2, 3 and 6) or mid-span (Pin 4, 5, 7 and 8), the unit can supply up to 60 watts of power by using all the four pairs of standard Cat.5e/6 Ethernet cabling. The UPOE-800G can deliver up to 60 watts per port to connected PoE powered devices. The unit can yield double the amount of power than the conventional 802.3at PoE standard and is satisfies the growing demand for higher-power consuming network PDs, such as:

  • PoE PTZ speed dome
  • Thin-client
  • Remote digital signage display
  • AIO (all-in-one) touch PC, point of sale (POS) and information kiosks
  • Any network device that needs higher PoE power to work normally

User-Friendly Web Management Interface

The UPOE-800G provides a simple Web management interface to allow administrators to remotely control the unit and PoE functions. The unit can automatically detect the power status of each port and display messages on its Web management interface. This allows for a simple and cost-effective management system.

The Ultra PoE Injector Hub features advanced, energy-saving PoE management features:

  • PoE schedule
  • PD alive check
  • Scheduled power recycling
  • UPOE, end-span or mid-span selectable in PoE Power Output Mode
  • PoE usage monitoring
  • Over temperature protection

Intelligent PD Alive Check

PLANET’s Managed PoE product not only support Power over Ethernet technology, but also monitors the PoE status of connected PDs. The UPOE-800G can be configured to monitor connected PD’s status in real time via ping requests via the uplinked Ethernet switch. If the PD stops working, the UPOE-800G will reactivate the PoE port power and reactivate the PD. The unit will greatly facilitate PoE management.

Energy-Efficient PoE Scheduling Features

The UPOE-800G features energy-saving PoE management features. The unit’s “PoE schedule” function helps users enable or disable PoE power feeding for each PoE port during specified time intervals helping SMBs or enterprises save power and money. The unit also increases security by powering off PDs during non-business hours.

Advanced PoE Power Output Mode Management

The UPOE-800G gives three different PoE power output mode options:

  • 60W UPOE PoE Power Output Mode (Pin 1, 2, 3, 6 + Pin 4, 5, 7, 8)
  • 30W End-span PoE Power Output Mode (Pin 1, 2, 3, 6)
  • 30W Mid-span PoE Power Output Mode (Pin 4, 5, 7, 8)

Intelligent LED Indicator for Real-time PoE Usage

The UPOE-800G helps users to monitor the current status of PoE power usage easily and efficiently by its advanced LED indication. Called “PoE Power Usage”, the front panel of the UPOE-800G has four green LEDs indicating 100W, 200W, 300W and 400W of PoE power usage.

Simple PoE Usage Monitoring

Via the power usage chart in the web management interface, the UPOE-800G enables system administrators to monitor the status of the power usage of connected PDs in real time.

Advanced PoE Power Management

To facilitate power management, the UPOE-800G comes with powerful PoE management features such as over-temperature protection, usage threshold alert and auto power allocation to prevent power budget overloading. The PoE power budget can be allocated by priorities or classification and will send alert event logs when power usage reaches a defined threshold. 

High Power Budget for 802.3at PoE Extension

The UPOE-800G can extend to much longer distances with PLANET’s PoE Extender. By daisy-chaining multiple PLANET PoE Extenders, network links can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled in distances.

Silent Operation

The UPOE-800G features an efficient ventilation system that provides for a silent operation. It’s smart fan technology automatically controls the speed of the built-in fan to reduce noise and maintain the temperature of the Ultra PoE Managed Injector Hub for optimal power output capability. The UPOE-800G offers a high-performing and quiet operation.

Best Deals on Planet Switches for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Best Deals on Planet Switches for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Welcome to the PlanetTechnologyUSA Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebration SALE.

To help our customers get an early start on their holiday celebrations, we’re holding this doorbuster savings event. For two days only [plus the weekend], PLANET is offering you 20 percent off 20 of our most popular Gigabit switches and IT Networking gear—see the list below.

These devices fly off our shelves throughout the year. This offer is just our way of saying thanks for your patronage throughout the year. To take advantage of this savings opportunity simply choose your switch, Ethernet extender, PoE injector, splitter, media converter, or power supply and plug in the savings code [BLACKFRIDAY20 or CYBERMONDAY20] at time of check out.

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Planet Technology’s 20 Door Buster Deals


These are rugged, dependable and versatile switches are the specialty of Planet Technology USA, the leader of innovative last mile technology. Special care has been designed into these devices to meet the demands or harsh environments.


  • WGS-4215-8T Industrial 8-Port 10/100/1000T Wall-Mount Managed Switch. This switch enables IPv6/IPv4 dual stack management, with intelligent Layer 2 functions. One of our biggest sellers
  • IFGS-1022HPT Industrial 8-Port 10/100TX 802.3at PoE + 2-Port Gigabit TP/SFP Combo Ethernet Switch (-40~75 degrees C). This 8-port switch/media converter combo is an industrial grade DIN-rail type unmanaged with video uplink. It’s perfect for extreme temperature environments.
  • IGS-20040MT L2+ Industrial 16-Port 10/100/1000T +4 100/1000x SFP Managed Switch is a Modbus TCP industrial 20-port Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch designed to meet the demands of industrial environments and is capable of delivering data over fiber optic to remote networks. It offers redundant ring for fast recovery and supports IPv6/IPv4 protocols.
  • IGS-500T Compact Industrial 5-Port 10/100/1000T Gigabit Ethernet Switch comes with a rugged case and features a wide-ranging redundant power system [12~48V DC or 24V AC].

PoE Extenders

The extender lengthens the range of PoE power over the max standard limitation of 100 meters. They are perfect for remote devices connected to LANs and break through the usual distance restrictions for PoE powered IP-based devices.

  • IPOE-E174 Industrial 1-Port 60W Ultra POE to 4-Port 802.3af/at Gigabit PoE Extender. This popular long-reach solution is an industrial grade temperature hardened device and is designed for point to multipoint applications. It supplies up to 74W of power for Ultra PoE devices and 60W of power for 4 PoE output ports.

PoE Injectors

These “at” and “bt” compatible devices are ideal for LANs with Thin Clients, POS Systems, Digital Signage, Healthcare Monitors, LED Lighting Systems. They also support Door Phones, PTZ Cameras, PTZ Speed Dome Cameras, 11a/b/g/n Access Points, Color Touch-Screen Ad Videos and VoIP Phones.

  • IPOE-162 IP30 Industrial 802.3at Gigabit High Power over Ethernet Injector (30W) (-40 ~ 75 C). This device supports devices that operate efficiently with higher power.
  • POE-171A-95 Single-Port 10/100/1000Mbps 802.3bt PoE Injector (95W). This injector is ideal for one-off remote installations that require higher power budgets.
  • POE-175-95 Single-Port 10/100/1000Mbps PoE Injector (95W, internal PWR). This delivers data with 54V DC power over twisted pair cables as a 95-watt Power over Ethernet injector. Connects with POE-172S, ultra PoE splitter.
  • UPOE-800G 8-Port Gigabit 60W Ultra PoE Managed Injector Hub (400W). This hub is a high-density rack-mountable unit that works remotely. It delivers 60W of power per port.


These splitters provide data to non-PoE powered devices and are ideal for LANs with Door Phones, PTZ Cameras, PTZ Speed Dome Cameras, 11a/b/g/n Access Points, Color Touch-Screen Ad Videos and VoIP Phones.

  • IPOE-162S IEEE802.3at Gigabit High Power PoE Splitter (12V/24V).
  • IPOE-171S Industrial Single-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Ultra PoE Splitter. This device delivers Ethernet data with power from power source equipment over 100 meters and is fully adapted to a hardened industrial environment.
  • POE-172S Single-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Ultra PoE Splitter (12V/19V/24V). These splitters are a quick and easy way to send digital data up to 100 meters to legacy network devices.

Media Converters

  • FT-801 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Media Converter (MM, ST, 2Km, LFPT). This solution supports half-duplex and full-duplex media conversion for fiber to fiber operations.
  • XT-705A 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M Copper to 10GBASE-X SFP+ Media Converter. This versatile media converter supports 10Gig Ethernet conversion from copper 10GBASE-T to fiber multi-mode or single-mode and utilizes a 10GBASE-SR or 10GBASE-LR SFP+ transceiver.XT-705A Media Converter
  • GT-1205A Switch Media Converter 1-Port 10/100/1000Base-T – 2-Port 1000FX (SFP) Switch Media Converter. This unit works as a slide-in module for our media chassis and works in both full-duplex and half-duplex modes to help reduce packet loss.
  • GT-805A Industrial 10/100/1000BASE-T to 100/1000BASE-X SFP Media Converter (-40~75 degrees C). This Industrial Gigabit Media Converter provides non-blocking wire-speed performance and great flexibility. Works well in harsh industrial environments. Supports environment surveillance system handling large amounts of transmission data.
  • ICS-100 RS-232 / RS-422/ RS-485 to 10/100TX Media Converter has a simple IP transmission management and connects to an IP or TCP network. It can be managed through a web interface.
  • FT-905A 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Web Smart Media Converter (SFP) features SC/SFP/WDM connectors and single-mode and multi-mode media and can operate efficiently as an independent unit or as a module to Planet Technology chassis units, MC-700, MC-1500 and MC-1500R / MC-1500R48.

SFP Module

  • MGB-TSX Mini GBIC SX Module, DDM Supported – 220-550M. PLANET’s extended temperature 1000Mbps Gigabit SFP Fiber Transceivers reliably operates in electrically harsh and wide temperature range (-40℃ to 75℃) environments. These Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver modules operate with an integrated duplex data link over single mode optical fiber.

Power Supply

  • PWR-240-48 48V, 240W Din-Rail Power Supply (NDR-240-48) stable power sources for industries that can experience varying temperatures and environments. They work well in temperatures from -20° to 70°C.

It is our hope that these savings will bring you a little extra cheer.

Planet Technology USA wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!


Discover our Full Suite of 802.3bt Ultra PoE (60W) Products

Seeking for PoE output greater than 802.3at’s 30-watt limitation?

We’re introducing a new suite of products that can feed up to 60 watts of output power. Now you can power the projects that 802.3at simply can’t.

When the 802.3at standard was introduced in 2009, the standard addressed the need for higher power requirements. However, the flexibility of PoE (Power over Ethernet) has proven far more versatile and has raised interest in yet another higher powered standard – 802.3bt.

The 802.3bt standard, also known as Ultra PoE, utilizes all four twisted pairs to transmit 60 watts of PoE power. To learn more about how 802.3bt will power powered device, click here.

best 802.3bt units

802.3bt Ultra PoE Prepares for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is introducing wired devices to help users build home automation systems as well as smart buildings. The 802.3bt Ultra PoE standard aims to support new IoT devices that require greater power. Even systems traditionally not categorized as IoT devices such as access control systems will soon require more power than 802.3at standards can support. In addition, 802.3bt will support medical devices, 802.11ac wireless access points, IP surveillance cameras, and even PoE lighting, a revolutionary new use-case for PoE. Currently, 802.3at provides more than sufficient power to support proprietary, low-powered PoE lighting solutions. With 802.3bt Ultra PoE however, manufacturers will have the freedom to create PoE lighting solutions that surpass 802.3at’s 30 watt limitation. The 802.3bt standard will give manufacturers the opportunity of adding additional functions that require more power to their PoE lighting systems.

PlanetechUSA is pleased to announce that we’ve rolled out a new product line that supports up to 60 watts per PoE port. Our full suite of Ultra PoE solutions includes managed switches, hubs, extenders, injectors, and splitters. This new line of Ultra PoE equipment provides sufficient power to devices that require more power than 802.3at’s 30 watts.

IEEE 802.3bt offers up to 30 watts more power than IEEE 802.3at (30 watts) and can drive PoE Powered Devices that consume higher power including thin clients, Speed dome cameras and AIO (All-in-One) touch PCs.

Ultra PoE Injector Hub Series

Users interested in deploying a PoE network but who don’t have a PoE-capable switch, need not replace their existing switches. Instead, users can pair their non-PoE capable switch with a managed injector hub to deploy a PoE network that connects IP surveillance clients for example.

best Ultra PoE injector hub

Click here for 16-Port option.

These ultra PoE injector hubs have selectable PoE power output modes to increase compatibility with your existing hardware.

■ 60W UPOE PoE Power Output Mode (Pin 1, 2, 3, 6 + Pin 4, 5, 7, 8)
■ 30W End-span PoE Power Output Mode (Pin 1, 2, 3, 6)
■ 30W Mid-span PoE Power Output Mode (Pin 4, 5, 7, 8)

These Ultra PoE Injector hubs also come equipped with front-facing panel displays LED lights to quickly perceive how much power each port is using.

For added flexibility,  users can also pair the PoE -173 Single Port 10/100/1000Mbps Ultra PoE injectors with the PoE-171s 10/100/1000 Mbps Ultra PoE Splitter (12V/19V/24V).

For example, if users have a non-PoE capable IP Phone and seek to install it in a location without power outlets, installers can pair a PoE injector with a splitter to provide power and data to the powered device via a separate interface.

Ultra PoE Injector and Splitter Combo

Ultra PoE Injector: POE-173 | Ultra PoE Splitter: POE-171S


802.3bt Ultra PoE Switches

Our new line of Ultra PoE Switches can be used to power powered devices that require power that is greater than 802.3at watts of output power. Now network installers can easily power their IP Surveillance Cameras.

  • Thin clients
  • AIO (All in One) Touch PC
  • PoE PTZ Speed Dome
  • Remote Digital signage display
  • POS (Point of Sale System)

Ultra PoE Port

Click here for the 24-Port option.

These units also comes with the following PoE Management functions:

  • PD Alive Check -These switches can be configured to monitor connected PD (Powered Device) status in real time via ping requests. If a PD stops working and responding, these ultra PoE switches will reactivate the PD by resuming POE port power.
  • Scheduled Power Recycling– To prevent buffer overflow, scheduled power recycling enables powered devices to reboot at pre-specified times to reduce the likelihood of connected powered devices from crashing.
  • PoE Schedule– Network administrators can pre-schedule operating times to prevent PoE power feeding during non-business hours for example.
  • PoE Usage Monitoring-Users can easily monitor the PoE usage by using the user-friendly web management interface.

Industrial 802.3bt Ultra PoE Extender


Industrial Ultra PoE Extender

Now users can bypass the standard 100 meter Ethernet limitation with the IPoE-E174 Industrial Ultra PoE Extender. The extender can with extended temperature ranges between -45 to 75 degrees C.

Discover our full suite of 802.3bt Ultra PoE Products!

best 802.3bt units


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