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About Us

switches-in-actionOur Parent Company

Versa Technology Inc. is an authorized distributor for PLANET Technology, a leader in last mile network technology. Versa Technology was founded with the mission of providing innovative industry products that are cost effective, dependable, and meet the cutting edge demands of the ever-changing market. The company was birthed in 1994. With a strong foothold in the industry, Versa Technology is embarking on another mission to provide quality last mile network equipment on a global scale. Versa Technology and PLANET Technology are dedicated to provide the most user-friendly equipment that removes protocol boundaries. Versa Technology prides itself on dependable equipment that adapts to meet the needs of any business.

Global Presence

Versa Technology and PLANET Technology provides equipment and global network solutions. The state-of-the-art equipment offered by Versa has reached Europe, North America, South America, China, Africa, Australia, the Mediterranean, and South East Asia. The products available here meet the demands of the industry and are adaptable for global use, which makes it a good fit for countries that are developed or developing. Last mile technology at Versa and PLANET Technology saves on cost and allows for operation from exisiting phone lines.

Budget Friendly and Versatile Technology

PLANET Technology is dedicated to providing customers quality network solutions at a price they can afford. The prices at PlanetechUSA.com are competitive and the products meet the demands of this changing industry. PLANET Technology maximizes management and ensures that that products are efficient for the consumer. With years of experience in the industry, Versa Technology and Planet Tech USA understands the products their customers seek. The products offered at this website are adaptible to the varying needes of customers.


The Road Ahead

 At Versa Technology, the goal of the future is to ensure superior and cost effective technology that will meet the customer’s expectation. Versa Technology specializes in quality products and quality customer service to help customers meet their goals. Our innovative team is dedicated to bringing cutting edge technology right to the consumer at an affordable price, which ensures that Versa Technology and PLANET Technology will be the choice for customers for years to come.

NOTICE: We will be closed Thursday the 22nd & Friday the 23rd for the Thanksgiving Holiday