Planetech USA is pleased to announce that we will be offering coaxial extenders to help network administrators surpass the standard 100 meter Ethernet limitation. With the LRP-101C-KIT PoE over Coaxial Extender Kit – Transmitter + Receiver, network administrators can rely on a wired coaxial solution to reliably transmit data up to a maximum of 1 km.

The LRP-101C-KIT PoE over Coaxial Extender Kit includes a LRP-101CH Long Reach Poe Injector and a LRP-101CE Long Reach PoE extender. The coaxial extender units leverage the power of PoE to simplify the deployment of Access Points (APs), VoIP phones, and IP Cameras. These long reach PoE extension network solutions will facilitate the deployment of network applications eliminating the expense of having to install additional power outlets or electrical circuitry.

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The LRP-101CH Long Reach PoE Injector offers 2 selectable power modes to support a flexible deployment. These units can be powered via an external DC power adapter or through a high powered PoE Switch.

Network administrators can easily deploy a PoE IP camera via a high-powered PoE switch utilizing the LRP-101C-KIT PoE Coaxial unit.

The LRP-101C-KIT supports the following deployment types:


LRP-101C-KIT and LRP-101CE Deployment Options

Network administrators can also purchase the Long Reach PoE over Coaxial Extender separately. With a max PoE budget of 25 Watts, the LRP-101-CE Long Reach Poe over Coax Extender is an 802.3af/at compliant device that can be deployed as an end-span device.

The LRP-101C-KIT and the LRP-101CE each offer one 10/100 BASE-TX interface and can withstand wide operating temperatures between -20 to 70 °C.

These plug and play units make it simple to transmit video content over a home network without running additional Ethernet cable. These coaxial units can be used to optimize media centers eliminating the need to transmit video content over a wireless connection which can oftentimes delay HD content.

These Single-Port LRP (Long Reach PoE) Extenders rely on HD-PLC technology as opposed to older units VC-205-KITVC-203PT, and VC-203PR which rely on VDSL technology. These LRP units more specifically rely on Wavelet-PHY. To learn more about HD-PLC technology.



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