Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology allows power and data to be transmitted over a single  Ethernet cable to a connected device. And Planet Technology USA’s POE-175-95 (V3) supplies power to powered devices (PDs) that do not follow the IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE standard. This advanced 802.3bt PoE injector increases the power capabilities from 30 watts to 95 watts of power output voltage.  

No longer are devices restricted to wireless access points, voice-over-IP phones, and security cameras. With the POE-175-95 (v3) PoE injector, networks can support the following:

  • PoE Lighting.
  • All-in-One Touch PC.
  • Remote digital signage.
  • Thin-clients.
  • PoE PTZ speed dome cameras.

This PoE++ injector can also support large data transmissions, making it even more cost-effective than separate data and power networks. It adheres to the IEEE 802.3bt Standard for two-pair unshielded twisted pairs (UTP)  and uses the four pairs found in CAT5e and CAT6 Ethernet cables up to a distance of 100 meters. Other features of the POE-175-95 (V3) PoE Injector include the following qualities.

POE-175-95 (V3) PoE Injector Features

Power Standards

The POE-175-95 (V3) supports all four 802.3 PoE standards listed below:

  • Type 1 (IEEE 802.3af): Supplies up to 15.4W of DC power over two of the four twisted pairs 
  • Type 2 (IEEE 802.3at): .Supplies 30W over two twisted pairs.
  • Type 3 (IEEE 802.3bt): Supplies up to 60W over four twisted pairs.
  • Type 4 (IEEE 802.3bt): Supplies up to 95 W over four pairs.

Although designed for Type 4 installations, the advanced 802.3bt PoE injector supports all four types of PoE standards, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility.

POE-175-95 V3 PoE Type 4 PoE Standards

Dip Switch

The POE-175-95 (V3) has a dip switch that enables more convenient PoE mode setting The different modes include:

  • BT Mode: Supports IEEE 802.3bt standards with an output budget of 90W.
  • UPoE Mode: Supports Cisco’s PoH or UpoE standards with an output budget of 95W.
  • Legacy BT Mode: Supports capacitive or resistance electronic tag with an output budget of 90W.

POE-175-95 (V3) DIP Switch

Other Main Features/Benefits

  • 0-50°C operating temperature
  • Distance up to 100 meters
  • Internal AC power supply
  • Wall-mount design
  • End-span/mid-span IEEE 802.3af/at/bt compliance
  • All-in-one compact design

Easy Installation

The POE-175-95 (V3) is simple to install. Just plug in the Ethernet cables and power cord to begin providing high-speed network communications. PoE eliminates the need for electrical outlets and additional AC wiring. This feature reduces the time and cost involved in most installations. The injector is backward compatible, making it easy to add to an existing network.

POE-175-95 (V3) Application Diagram

Why Consider Buying an Advanced 802.3bt PoE Injector

Planet Technology USA’s POE-175-95 (V3) Injector delivers up to 95W of power over a four-pair UTP CAT5e or 6 Ethernet cable. It provides the maximum power available and is backward compatible with PoE standards, making it perfect for mixed network configurations. Using the latest PoE Injector means removing legacy devices that may be harder to operate and maintain.

With the addition of a PoE splitter, this advanced PoE injector can extend installation to remote locations without electrical outlets. It can be installed at distances up to 100 meters or about 600 feet. Extend the distance to 200 meters with a PoE extender

PoE injectors are not for every situation, but they are the best choice if:

The number of devices is limited. If 10 or fewer legacy devices need to be connected, the advanced injector can reduce the need for network reconfigurations until the user can replace the older devices. This advanced injector fits well in networks where the user must deploy new devices with limited access to power supplies.

The power requirements vary. Because the injector is backward compatible, it eliminates the need for compatibility checks when it comes to the various IEEE standards. Having a single device for all injection needs reduces the maintenance and support costs because there is only one device, no matter the power requirements.

Because PoE injectors are just one solution for PoE networks, Planet Technology USA  maintains a large inventory of top-quality IT networking equipment such as:

  • PoE injectors.
  • PoE switches.
  • PoE splitters.
  • PoE extenders.
  • Industrial PoE products.

As a USA-based distributor, we are happy to help with your purchase and answer any questions you may have. Contact us if you’re considering POE technology.