17 Neat Cable Bundles That Will Delight Your OCD


17 Neat Cable Bundles That Will Delight Your OCD

Unruly Ethernet cables not only make troubleshooting more difficult, but they can also pose a fire hazard as they can decrease heat dissipation in a networking environment. But when properly organized, networking cables can make for marvelous displays of artwork (and showcase very patient IT personnel). Whether you opt for the traditional blue and yellow networking cables, or are more adventurous with your Ethernet coloring scheme, we’ve found some cable bundles so organized, they’ll inspire you to organize yours.

1. Orange IS the new black when cables are organized like this.


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/RK9sbm4


2. Is this the spaghetti exhibit at LACMA? No. This is an accurate representation of what Ethernet heaven looks like.


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/S479nXj


3. This yellow Ethernet arrangement would make Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe cry.


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/gPdNYfB


4. Propaganda tempting non-OCD people to switch to the other side:


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/Vu7fNL0


5. You too would leave your networking cables exposed if they looked like this.


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/weEk2yH


6. One does not simply zip-tie a cable bundle together.


Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/186406872055282785/


7. Cables so organized that they seem to come to life.


source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/gPdNYfB


8. What true dedication looks like.


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/uyKhAmj


9. Regard how these blue networking cables cascade into a data-fall of Ethernet current.


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/ZTD2sEO


10. Google, is that you?


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/mvcZCqU


11. Cables that bundle together, terminate together.


Source: http://imgur.com/9EpTx


12. These shoes have never stepped on something so beautiful. Nor will they. Ever.


Source: http://imgur.com/BEukbxc


13. Zip ties and velcro co-existing in perfect harmony.


Source: http://imgur.com/49U2oD2


14. Back at it again with those Zip Ties!


Source: http://imgur.com/r/cableporn/7jqvmJt


15. These patch panels are ready for their close-up.


Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/499618152389004320/


16. Can you spot the mistake?

(There is none.)


Source: http://imgur.com/LozkW7X


17. Something doesn’t belong:

organized cable bundles

Source: http://imgur.com/r/cablefail/fvjodfU

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