Discover our Full Suite of 802.3bt Ultra PoE (60W) Products

Seeking for PoE output greater than 802.3at’s 30-watt limitation?

We’re introducing a new suite of products that can feed up to 60 watts of output power. Now you can power the projects that 802.3at simply can’t.

When the 802.3at standard was introduced in 2009, the standard addressed the need for higher power requirements. However, the flexibility of PoE (Power over Ethernet) has proven far more versatile and has raised interest in yet another higher powered

PoE lighting

How PoE is Revolutionizing LED Lights in Smart Homes and Offices

Energy-efficiency has driven the evolution of the light bulb, but the next iteration of the light bulb will launch it into the Era of the Internet of Things (IoT). As LED lights slowly replace compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) due to greater energy-efficiency,

zen of PoE

The Normal and the Not-so-Normal Use Cases for Power over Ethernet (PoE) That Will Make You Appreciate PoE Technology

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an appealing medium for network administrators seeking to deploy Ethernet where power does not exist. These unassuming electrical components pioneer into the places where electrical cabling has not yet been installed.

PoE deployment in security industries and enterprises is quite common, but PoE is fast proving its utility in places beyond enterprises.

The Zen

Bob Metcalfe AMA

Bob Metcalfe’s 14 Hilarious Life-Lessons from Reddit’s AMA

When Robert Metcalfe developed the Ethernet, he didn’t foresee that he would be establishing the new technology as the default plumbing pipes that would support the internet. His marketing aptitude ultimately led him to establish Ethernet as an industry standard but not before failing his Harvard