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Beginner's Guide to PoE Injectors

Beginner’s Guide to PoE Injectors

Okay. Let’s be honest with one another. It’s summertime and the fun’s just getting started.

The last thing you want to do, is sit in front of your computer and do research. But by the same token, it’s important to be sure your networks are well-equipped and optimized to allow you some of that desperately needed R&R.

We all know how frustrating it is to get called out of a vacation day

PoE to Micro-USB Hack

PoE to Micro-USB Connection Hack

Planet Technology received a neat hack from one of our customers this week that allowed him to power a tablet utilizing a PoE Injector, a PoE Splitter, and a modified USB (A Female to 5.5×2.5mm Male DC Power Cable). This hack allows users to power devices with low voltage requirements (up to ~24 volts) such as a tablet that supports video chat for video conferences. Users can