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Smart Technology & Personal Privacy Limits

Smart Technology and Personal Privacy Limits

As you’re probably aware, on May 17th Wanna Cryptor (commonly known as WannaCry) became a serious problem world-wide. In the UK alone, 16 hospitals were forced to divert emergency room patients to other facilities because their computer systems were locked down.

This ransomware is a worm – a standalone malware program – that spreads by using Eternal Blue. Recognize that name? It’s

802.11ah Halow

Why The New 802.11ah Wi-Fi Standard Will Give Z-Wave A Run For It’s Money

It’s rarely the case that a new Wi-Fi standard introduces slower speeds, but the Wi-Fi Alliance is working on 802.11ah, a new standard in the works that promises to do just that. The new standard aims to optimize the widely recognized Wi-Fi standard for IoT devices and give Internet connectivity to

Internet of things

Why Dumb “Smart” IoT Objects Are Integral to the IoT Revolution

You’ve heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its unsexy relative— the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—but you probably haven’t heard about the Internet of Useless Things.

+Rehabstudio, a digital marketing company, took notice of a number of useless gadgets at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and dubbed the new category

Smart Home Devices

Home Sweet Smart Home—7 Must Have Smart Home Devices

Looking to transform your home into a Smart Home?

Before you purchase your smart home devices, ensure that you select a standard that is interoperable with several manufacturers and that will not interfere with your Wi-Fi devices.

Which smart home automation standard should I choose?

We recommend utilizing the Z-Wave or

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How Many Ways Can You Segment the Smart Home Market?

Transparency Market research forecasts that the Global Home Automation market will reach 16.4 billion by 2019.  Current home automation gadgets promise to give users the ability to monitor their homes or turn off appliances for example, from the convenience of their smartphone.

It’s not surprising that luxury homes will experience one of the highest rates of penetration for smart home technologies.