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Smart Home Devices

Home Sweet Smart Home—7 Must Have Smart Home Devices

Looking to transform your home into a Smart Home?

Before you purchase your smart home devices, ensure that you select a standard that is interoperable with several manufacturers and that will not interfere with your Wi-Fi devices.

Which smart home automation standard should I choose?

We recommend utilizing the Z-Wave

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Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave Plus To Revamp Home Automation Industry

Z-Wave Plus, also known as the 500 Series or 5th Generation of Z-Wave protocols, is a revamped protocol that will enhance end-user experience and simplify the installation of Z-Wave home automation devices. This consumer-grade upgrade is also accompanied by some technological updates as well.

The Z-Wave 500 Series is a core technology composed of a revamped chip and module. Also known as the “Next

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