Tips To Improve Your Wireless Connection with Windows 8.1

Tips To Improve Your Wireless Connection with Windows 8.1

Users who upgrade to Windows 8.1 may experience an issue: little to no connectivity to WiFi. The Microsoft Community forums note that problems are related to Surface tablets, but PC and other non-Microsoft tablet users are also experiencing the same issues. With forums flooded with frustrated inquiries, users note that even after reinstalling Windows 8.1, issues still persist. Some users suggest problems may be due to the hardware.

Microsoft comments that limited connection can be due to a device that has been connected to a router, but a valid IP address was not assigned to the PC. However, Microsoft representatives also note that most issues with Internet connections are caused by disconnected cables and routers or by modems that aren’t operating properly. Users, unsatisfied with the response from Microsoft support, continue to assert that the issue is not due to a defective router.

Here are a few suggested steps from PlanetechUSA to counter issues with Windows 8.1:

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, an operating system may not be able to recognize the 5 GHz spectrum. Users can resolve this issue by downloading and installing the adapter’s latest drivers. Users should then follow the steps below:

Receive a free consultation offer from PlanetechusaAccess the “Network and Sharing Center”

  • Click “Changed Adapter Settings”
  • Right-click on the adapter in “Network Connections” then its “Properties”
  • Click “Configure” and click “Driver”
  •  Select “Update Driver,” “Browse My Computer” and “Let Me Pick”
  • The two drivers should appear: Windows 8.1 version and ODM drivers
  • Select ODM drivers
  • 5GHz will appear

Although many issues with Windows 8.1 may be related to Intel Centrino, this issue does appear quite frequently.

Another option would be uninstalling the wireless driver from Microsoft and installing an updated driver from the manufacturer of the wireless card, such as Broadcom, Atheros, Dell, Realtek, RALink. If the problem still persists, users should not attempt to fix it. If users have the ability or resources to roll back to Windows 7, it is encouraged. In cases when users wish to continue using the latest software, they must refer to the PC manufacturer for additional assistance.

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  • celbeat Reply

    This was a well excellent informative post you have shared on this page about the change of your wifi password but they have not done enough to make the process easy, nor have they done a great job of keeping OpenVPN itself up to date. After creating a custom config file for the hardware accelerated settings, you can see in the system logs that the router is using OpenVPN version 2.3.2 which is ancient as well as vulnerable to a mess of nasty bugs.

    March 18, 2019 at 10:54 am
  • Lilly Miller Reply

    Excellent article. I will be experiencing many of these issues as well..

    August 27, 2019 at 11:48 pm

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