When Robert Metcalfe developed the Ethernet, he didn’t foresee that he would be establishing the new technology as the default plumbing pipes that would support the internet. His marketing aptitude ultimately led him to establish Ethernet as an industry standard but not before failing his Harvard dissertation(http://blog.versatek.com/2015/01/how-robert-metcalfe-came-to-own-all-your-ethernets/). According to Vertical Systems Group’s latest research report, “Ethernet business services will hit $40.2 billion in 2014”.

It is little wonder why he attracted a couple of fans during a Reddit AMA (short for ask me anything) session. Questions ranged from topics in the computing networking world to requests for personal favors.

In his tell-all session, the inventor of Ethernet reveals his answers to questions he’s never before been asked and we learned:

1. That he can sometimes resort to “Because I Said So” rationality.

Bob Metcalfe AMA 1

2. He does not keep abreast of pop culture.


3. Is not a gaziliionaire like some technical engineers might like to assume.


4. Will not challenge his practical, Western ideas about Business.


5. Is a big believer that the path that leads to success is paved with failure.


6. And that he has panache for controversial pass times.


7. He surrounds himself with questionable friends.


8. And is most likely not a cat person or a cat-people-person.


9. He teaches us that power can be intoxicating.


10. And that he will contribute to grade inflation if given an opportunity.


11. He encourages people to give to Chipotle what belongs to Chipotle.


12. He will pass the buck when the subject gets touchy.


13. But is not afraid to admit that his invention is not perfect.


14. And like everyone else, he has feelings.



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