According to Forrester research,  43% of the U.S. workforce will find themselves telecommuting by 2016 and businesses are searching for high-quality tools that can simplify collaboration. As technology continues to change the traditional work model, businesses are placing a new emphasis on reliable, cost-efficient, and high-quality VoIP systems. Business tools such as a Unified Communication System and IP conference phones help connect global teams, partners, vendors, and remote workers.

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Though VoIP phones are suitable for conference calls, IP conference phones are especially designed to preserve audio reception from 360 degrees in a room. Unlike traditional VoIP phones, this enables boardroom members to comfortably sit around a table and carry out a conversation without struggling to be heard. is proud to announce that we will now be offering the VIP-8030NT, an IP conference phone that will facilitate conference meetings in businesses utilizing the same VoIP systems that helps businesses optimize their investments.

HD Voice Conferencing 

360 Degrees CoveragePlanet’s VIP-8030NT HD voice conference IP phone is perfectly designed to be used in medium to large conference rooms. The VIP-8030NT delivers superb voice quality, features an expansive microphone range and advanced audio processing.  With its four built-in microphones and the ability to pick up audio from 360 degrees, boardroom members will experience clearer conference calls.

Extended Microphone Makes Communication Clearer

The VIP-8030NT offers two additional extended microphones that when activated, can isolate a speaker’s voice and prevent third-party speakers from interfering. This feature helps preserve communication quality between two long distance calls.


Record Calls on an SD Card

VoIP hardware allows network administrators to record calls and even email call transcriptions to a recipient. With the VIP-8030NT, network administrators will have the additional advantage of recording calls on an SD card for the simple storage and playback of recorded contents.VIP-8030NT with Speakers

Secure, High-quality VoIP Communication

The VIP-8030NT supports SIP QoS and 802.1pq to provide secure and  quality voice communication.  With it’s VLAN feature, network administrators will be able to separate voice and data to further preserve VoIP quality.

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