Many businesses choose to enhance their VoIP systems with a Unified Communication System that integrates different communication applications such as e-mail, video chat, and instant messaging into one platform. This eliminates the need for users to manage the separate usernames and passwords associated with their accounts.  Unified Communications (UC) Systems streamline communication and facilitate worker collaboration. In addition, UC systems are starting to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to better integrate worker to worker and customer to worker interactions.


Standard UC systems can incorporate the existing functionality of a user’s smart phone, VoIP phone, and VoIP soft phone into a UC platform, without binding workers to any one communication mode. Unlike traditional phone services that use analog signals, computer systems can interact with the digital packets of a VoIP system with the proper applications. This offers a much more dynamic approach to communication in comparison to traditional phone lines.

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Such platforms integrate voice, video, and e-mail, among other types of communication forms, giving workers the flexibility of contacting their colleagues through any channel.

UC-CRM Integration

SUC-CRM Integration ome UC providers are even starting to incorporate customer relationship management (CRM) systems into their UC platforms to further consolidate a company’s communication efforts. Such platforms give workers the ability to manage their interactions with their colleagues and their customers. This gives businesses the opportunity of supplementing customer’s databases with novel forms of B2C interaction such as social media, instant messaging, and e-mail. Now that businesses are pioneering inbound marketing as part of their marketing strategy, UC-CRM systems allow businesses to create a comprehensive platform for collaboration and customer interaction.

Dynamic VoIP Communication

But you don’t have to wait to purchase a unified communications system to take advantage of the dynamic features that VoIP systems offer. Some of the lesser-known qualities of VoIP include the ability to transcribe phone conversations and the ability to deliver voice mail to the recipient of a message.

In addition, businesses that utilize VoIP systems save on communication calls.  With an internet connection, VoIP users can make phone calls to anywhere in the world including those that still use Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS). Click here to learn more about the features that you absolutely cannot compromise on when looking for Unified Communications Systems.

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