IPX-2500 Ethernet Switch Solution for Small to Medium Businesses

IPX-2100 Ethernet Switch Solution for Small to Medium Businesses

The IPX-2100 IP PBX telephony system from Planet Technology is an innovative and unique system for small to medium sized businesses. The system features state of the art technology and is SIP based to better serve various business communications. The IPX-2100 PBX system has the ability to accept 100 user registrations and manage a complete over IP system user efficiency and a cost effective price.

The unit is a quality system that operates alongside laptops and desktops and features a built-in Gigabit network interface. The IPX-2100 Ethernet Telephony PBX system also operates with various applications and offers a Gigabit RJ-45 port (10/100/1000Mbps) (WAN/LAN). It offers enhanced voice and data communications features for businesses to continue with cutting edge technology. In addition, the unit has the ability to make a maximum of twenty concurrent calls.

The unit is a budget friendly solution that can convert standard telephone lines to IP networks. This allows network administrators and enterprises to utilize both standard and advanced telephony communication services with existing broadband connections to a corporate network or the Internet.

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Users can reduce installation costs and continue using existing telephones and conference phones. The IPX-2100 operates as a system to link the traditional analog system to the IP network. The system supports IPv6 and VPN connection in order to offer users even more flexibility. The user interface that allows users to enter login information is simpler than ever. In addition, the unit includes multiple languages, which ensures that it is a global user-friendly system.

The IPX-2100 is compliant with the Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261) and can operate with equipment with VoIP infrastructure providers. This allows providers to offer their customers more enhanced and dependable services.

The unit’s green technology allows users to securely store, forward and receive important documents. The unit also works to bring together an office into a connected, virtual network. Not only does it connect Internet users to proxy services to protect the user’s identity, it also features a VPN server and a client feature that ensures that the user experiences a secure login.

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