Whether you’re an installer, an IT admin, or just a homeowner ready to get started on a few projects around the house, our PLANET clearance sale is the perfect opportunity to pick up excellent networking devices at deep discounts.

Now is the time to stock up! Having things on hand like backup switches, PoE injector hubs, or even combo switches can make life a lot easier if urgent situations arise.

Replacing older units before they fail and having backups on hand to avoid crises altogether is another great reason to buy right now.

Some items are 33% off! When you’re talking about high-end items like managed switches, that can mean some pretty serious savings.That really starts to add up when you’re talking about higher-end items like Managed switches.

To help you take advantage of these significant savings, let’s take a look at some of the coolest devices we have on clearance right now.

1. WGSW-2620HP Managed 24-Port 802.3at high power PoE 10/100 Switch + 2-Port Gigabit SFP (360)


Planning an IP surveillance camera system installation, upgrade or expansion? You won’t find a better unit for the price.

As you probably know Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices, send power and data over a single twisted pair Cat5a or Cat6 cable. That’s exactly what you need for IP-based surveillance systems. Cable lengths can reach up to 100m (328-feet) without losing data.

Of course, if you need cable lengths over 100m you can always employ a PoE Extender to boost that capacity.

Managed switches allow administrators to remotely power off/on individual cameras, which is helpful when you need to reboot. This capability allows off site monitoring, scheduled shutdowns for off peak periods and secure feeds within your network.

This switch is perfect for public organizations, businesses, manufacturing, and healthcare settings.

The WGSW-2620HP Managed Switch is on sale for $459.20, marked down from $656.00.

2. FGSD-1022 8-Port Managed Switch [10/100Mbps] + 2G TP/SFP Combo Interface


You may be wondering when it would be useful to have a fiber uplink port on a switch. Put simply, it allows connections between two switches through a 2-Port TP/SFP Combo interface. This allows installers to marry fiber and copper in the same network.

Theoretically you can connect as many switches as you have fiber ports as long as you have a central switch with the same number of TP/SFP ports.

Fiber ports operate exactly like Ethernet ports. They send packets of data down the line, but data is sent as light down glass filament instead of the electrical impulses that are sent down copper wires.

Note: fiber filaments are fragile and expensive to repair.  Fiber only becomes necessary if distance or noise are an issue (or you need some serious bandwidth, 10+Gb).

This FGSD-1022 Combo Switch currently runs $123.20, marked down from $176.00.

3. POE-1200P2 12-Port 802.3af Power over Ethernet Web Managed Injector Hub


Power injectors supply about 15 watts of power per port. That 15 watts must be sustainable over 100 meters. The 802.3af “power budget,” per port, is 12.95 watts.

This hub works great for intermediate power boosts for remote networks like LED Lighting installations, Access Points and like configurations.

This POE-1200P2 Web Managed Injector Hub currently runs $165.00, marked down from $275.00.

4. ICA-HM312 IP Bullet Camera Outdoor, 802.3af POE, 25M Infrared with ICR


This surveillance camera from Planetechusa.com features 1920 x 1080 high resolution IR images outdoors for up to 25 meters. One of the biggest complaints about low-res is the inability to record clear images at distance.

This IP camera is a 2 megapixel camera compresses videos to provide clear and crisp images for easy transmission online. That works great if you find yourself needing to monitor remote locations over a smartphone or tablet or if you need to access recorded images at a later date.

The H.264 technology allows you to save bandwidth space and provides a simple and easy to use solution.

The ICA-HM312 IP66 IP Bullet Camera currently runs $190.82, marked down from $296.00.

5. GT-902 Manageable 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000SX Gigabit Media Converter


The GT-902 by Planet Technology is a manageable gigabit media converter that is simple, dependable, and efficient.

This GT-902 Gigabit Media Converter runs $77.00, marked down from $110.00.

6. GT-902S Web/SNMP Manageable 10/100/1000Base-T to 1000LX Gigabit Media Converter


This ethernet media converter provides Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface allowing remote web management across your network from copper to fiber and back. This converter monitors a full array of devices: switches, firewalls, servers, routers, hubs, printers and PCs.

The GT-902S runs $86.80, marked down from $124.00.

Anything Else?

We have a number of other items on clearance: switches, modems, media converters and more.

If you have a few minutes, be sure to check them out. But don’t wait too long, these clearance items are only available for a limited time.

If you have any questions as to how these items can work for you, feel free to shoot us a message. All of our products provide high-end solutions for your networking needs and we’re always happy to help!