WNAP-6308 Wireless Access Point

Chino, CA Feb 27, 2014- Versatility and innovation are behind Planet Technology’s newest wireless access point, the WNAP-6308. This compact, stylish unit features a flawless design that attaches simply onto an antenna. With the ability to increase the range of outdoor wireless coverage, the WNAP-6308 provides a truly dependable performance featuring the IEEE 802.11n standard and 1T1R MIMO technology. Data is delivered at a rate of 150Mbps maximum, which ensures that it is triple the rate of standard 802.11g wireless devices.

“The WNAP-6308 is a stunning wireless access point,” said Shaw Tien, vice-president of Planet Technology. “This unique unit simply attaches to a compatible antenna and provides stable outdoor wireless coverage beyond 10km.”

The WNAP-6308 wireless access point includes a built-in N-type antenna connector that allows for compatibility with a variety of high gain antennas including grid, omni-directional, flat panel and yagi-design. The WNAP-6308 has the ability to provide beyond 10km of wireless connection. In addition the unit has the ability to support various wireless access points in addition to Client CPE, WDS PtP, WDS PtMP, and Repeaters.

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Even greater, the WNAP-6308 wireless access point showcases compatibility with a variety of requirements. Administrators have the ability to craft a dependable wireless network and to extend the range of existing wireless networks. The unit also features support for WISP mode, which gives CPE users the ability to connect to the Internet. Utilizing a WISP provider, CPE users can connect to the Internet or a wired network.

“This unit ensures prominent security functions and dependable compatibility,” Tien said. “It is the ideal choice of administrators who need an access point that can be installed in locations that do not have power outlets.”

Since the WNAP-6308 wireless access point operates in a variety of outdoor locations ran ging from -35 to 65 degrees C, it is a great choice for use worldwide.

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