Recently, Planet Technology USA has released the TSN-6325-8T4S4X, an advanced industrial switch, which provides incredible speeds, traffic filtering, energy savings, and network security.

PlanetUSA, a leading distributor of PoE hardware, has scrutinized the TSN-6325-8T4S4X switch to help you gauge if it is a worthy upgrade for your LAN.

Planet’s Innovative TSN Industrial Switch Delivers Time-Sensitive Data

This switch has 10 Gbps interfaces which transmit data at a rate of 10 billion bits per second, with extremely low latency. These great data transfer rates make this switch an excellent asset for companies that deal with time-sensitive data regularly.

What’s more? TSN-6325-8T4S4X maintains high data transfer rates even when used in settings whose temperatures are as low as -40 degrees Celsius or as high as 75 degrees Celsius. It is an ideal switch for the most demanding industrial applications.

The industrial switch’s rugged IP30-rated metal case can withstand damage from exposure to elements larger than 2.5mm. The case endures normal wear and tear for a reasonable period.TSN-6325-8T4S4X TSN Application

A Simple Way to a TSN-Compatible Infrastructure

Planet Technology’s TSN-6325-8T4S4X supports the TSN IEEE standards, which offer instantaneous communication. This industrial switch helps employees communicate seamlessly through video and audio, enhancing collaboration.

Some of the TSN IEEE standards supported by this enterprise-grade switch include:

  • IEEE 802.1AS-REV for time synchronization
  • IEEE 802.1Qbu for frame preemption
  • IEEE 802.1CB, which eliminates redundancy
  • IEEE 802.1Qbv for enhancing scheduled traffic
  • IEEE 802.1Qci for per-stream filtering

TSN-6325-8T4S4X Industrial Switch Features

The Planet Technology TSN-6325-8T4S4X switch is designed around supporting seamless data transfer, network security, and seamless communication. To live up to  its marketing promise, this industrial switch comes packed with multiple features, which include:

  • 1588v2 PTP

The switch features 1588v2 PTP, a protocol that enhances precise time distribution across various computing networks. This protocol offers precise time synchronization of networks, supports MEF service deliveries, and supports end-to-end transparent clock modes.TSN-6325-8T4S4X 1588 Time Protocol

  • Diversified Bandwidth Applications

This industrial switch supports data transfer speeds of up to 10 billion bits per second, streamlining data handling in large enterprises. In addition, the switch’s 10GBASE-X SFP+ interface supports three transmission speeds — 2500 BASEX, 10GBASE-SR/LR, and 1000BASE SX-LX, helping network administrators choose the right transmission speed for the task at hand.

  • Redundant Ring and Fast Recovery

This enterprise-grade switch from Planet Technology uses redundant ring technology to recover quickly after an abrupt network disruption. With the redundant ring technology, the switch recovers within ten milliseconds, making it ideal for industrial settings where system reliability is a top priority.

TSN-6325-8T4S4X ERPS Ring

  • Layer 3 Support

TSN-6325-8T4S4X is a Layer 3 switch. Through it, network administrators can boost their network by manually configuring IPV4/6 and automatically configuring the Open Shortest Path First and Routing Information Protocol settings. The switch improves network efficiency, especially for facilities with multiple VLANs and subnets.

  • Layer 2 Features

Apart from Layer 3, Planet Technology’s industrial switch can be programmed for layer 2 management functions. For instance, network administrators can program the industrial switch for Multiple Spanning Tree Protocols, bandwidth control, dynamic port link aggregation, and Q-in-Q VLAN.

  • Minimized Security Risks

With cybersecurity becoming a significant threat for various enterprises, Planet designed this switch to give networks an extra layer of security. For instance, the switch supports SSHv2, a protocol that uses several levels of security architecture to offer protection against advanced security threats. This advanced security makes the switch a valuable upgrade for ethernet networks used in mission-critical operations.

TSN-6325-8T4S4X Cybersecurity

  • Modbus TCP

Featuring the Modbus TCP protocol, the TSN-6325-8T4S4X switch integrates seamlessly with HMI, SCADA, and other conventional data acquisition systems used on factory floors. Furthermore, the switch’s Modbus TCP helps network administrators monitor essential network parameters like communication, operating information, and DO statuses remotely.

  • SMTP/SNMP Event Alert

This modern switch from Planet Technology features an SMTP/SNMP event alert, a function that sends an unrequested message about potential issues. For instance, the alerts can notify you when a component is overheating. The alerts help network managers identify and fix unforeseen issues that would compromise a company’s IT environment.TSN-6325-8T4S4X SMTP/SNMP Trap Event

  • Fault Alarm

Like the event alert, this switch comes fitted with a fault alarm, which notifies administrators of a malfunctioning component. Such notifications simplify troubleshooting, saving enterprises the valuable time they could have wasted finding an issue with their faulty switch.

  • Digital Input and Digital Output

The TSN-6325-8T4S4X features digital input and output for external alarms like door intrusion systems. The output and inputs come in handy when setting up external alarms alert system administrators of potential issues like power failure, link up, or link down.

TSN-6325-8T4S4X DIDO

  • IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack

This industrial switch from Planet Technology supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The switch, therefore, gives users, especially campuses, telecoms, and data centers, a chance to use both protocols to their advantage.

TSN-6325-8T4S4X IPv6/IPv4

  • Efficient Management

Managing the TSN-6325-8T4S4X is easy-peasy.  Administrators can remotely control the switch through a standard-based monitor or web-based management interface. Furthermore, administrators can do it through a text-based interface accessible through Telnet and the console port.

  • Strong Network Security

The new switch leverages the power of Layer 2 and 4 access control lists to enhance network security. With the two layers of network security, administrators can block some IPs from accessing the network or even authenticating devices before giving access.

  • Advanced IP Network Protection

This Planet Technology switch uses various advanced technologies to protect IP networks from hackers trying to snoop on a network. It uses Dynamic ARP, DHCP snooping, and IP Source Guard to prevent ARP packets with unauthorized MAC addresses and prevent attacks.

  • Excellent Traffic Control

The Planet Technology TSN-6325-8T4S4X features a robust Quality of Services (QoS), a technology that controls network traffic. Some of the QoS used by this industrial switch include Layer 4 traffic classifiers, bandwidth limit, and multi-tenant units.

  • Intelligent SFP Diagnosis Mechanism

This enterprise-grade switch has a digital diagnostic monitor, which helps system administrators monitor SFP transceivers’ performance in real-time. As an example, from the monitor, the administrators track temperature, optical output power, and supply voltage.

Learn More About the TSN-6325-8T4S4X

As is evident, Planet’s TSN-6325-8T4S4X is an excellent upgrade to your existing industrial network. It gives incredible data transfer speeds, network security, and bandwidth while reducing energy and installation costs.

If you want to buy this advanced industrial switch,  contact Planet Technology USA to discuss your project with our experienced staff.