Planet Technology’s new SGS-6310-48P6XR will eliminate the standard hitches associated with using an old-fashioned PoE switch. It promises superb bandwidth, data transfer rates, security, and flexible deployment.

This advanced hardware from Planet Technology powers and allows network devices like computers, surveillance cameras, printers, laptops, point-of-sale kiosks, and sensors to communicate flawlessly.

Since it is a relatively new switch, Planet Technology USA, a leading supplier of premium PoE hardware, has comprehensively reviewed the switch to help PoE technicians decide whether it fits their client’s needs.

What Is Power Over Ethernet?

In Power over Ethernet, a Catx cable provides power and data connectivity to edge systems like computers and VoIP phones. It eliminates the need for separate cabling networks, a reason why it is becoming a staple in the local networks of companies operating in the world’s energy, utilities, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, education, security, and logistics sectors.

What Is a PoE Switch?

A PoE switch is the brain of an enterprise network. It allows edge gadgets like computers, sensors, VoIP phones, and printers to communicate. The switch provides the power that runs edge devices and the connectivity that enables data transfer.

Planet’s 48-Port Stackable PoE Switch for Enterprise Networking

Since 2003, when IEEE introduced the first standard of PoE, the technology has evolved to provide more wattage for power-hungry devices and high data transfer rates for enhanced connectivity. Planet Technology designed its 48-port, stackable switch to keep up with the pace.

The advanced switch supports more wattage, high bandwidth, and excellent data transfer rates, characteristic of the latest PoE versions. Other great features of this advanced Power over Ethernet switch include:

SGS-6310-48P6XR Ports

  • 10 Gbps Ethernet Capacity

SGS-6310-48P6XR has six small-form-factor pluggable (SPF) ports, each supporting data transfer rates of 10Gbps. With superb speed, this PoE switch is ideal for commercial settings requiring the increased capacity to send and receive files. 

SGS-6310-Series Stackable Switch

  • Stackable Management

Planet Technology designed the SGS-6310-48P6XR switch to help technicians stack eight units together, forming a system that works like one highly efficient switch. Moreover,  when stacked together, the system runs efficiently even when one switch fails.

  • Centralized Power Management

The SGS-6310-48P6XR delivers up to 30 watts of power on every port, enough to run standard equipment like IP cameras, wireless LAN, VoIP phones, and other moderate-energy-consuming equipment. With this switch, network administrators control power and data from a central point.

PoE Schedule

  • PoE Schedule

The SGS-6310-48P6XR PoE switch has a power scheduling function to enhance energy savings. The function disables power supply to idle network devices, saving companies a significant amount they would have wasted powering inactive devices on their Ethernet network.


  • Redundant Ring Technology

Featuring redundant ring technology, this switch from Planet Technology features Ethernet ring protection switching, a technology that improves self-recovery in the event of a power interruption. The technology enhances your PoE’s uptime in demanding settings where network efficiency is critical.

  • Layer 3 Routing

SGS-6310-48P6XR supports layer 3 routing, a function that enables network administrators to enhance the network’s efficiency in two ways. One, they can use the routing information protocol to control the number of hops in a given path. Two, the network administrators can use the open shortest path first to find the best route for packets, eliminating unnecessary slowdowns.

  • Multicast

The new SGS-6310-48P6XR has several multicasts like IPv6 MLDv1 snooping and IPv4 IGMP v1, 2, and 3, features that make it a highly suitable switch for PoE networks used in commercial settings that rely heavily on various network devices.

  • IPV6 Support

The Planet Technologies SGS-6310 switch will support the next generation of internet protocol, IPv6, fully. This switch provides superb packet processing capabilities and efficient routing with such an advanced IP. Furthermore, this IPv6 switch supports bandwidth-intensive packet flows and offers top-notch data privacy.

  • Layer 2 Features

This PoE switch features the functionality of a layer 2 switch, meaning that it sends data from the client to the host at high speeds. In the bargain, the Layer 2 features enhance connectivity by splitting bulk LAN networks into smaller VLAN networks.

L2/L4 Features

  •  Layer 2 to Layer 4 Traffic Control

The SGS-6310-48P6XR provides powerful traffic management courtesy of weighted round robin (WRR), which helps network managers manage traffic in terms of geographic location, speed, size, and other parameters. With excellent traffic control capabilities, SGS-6310 is the best switch for industrial use.

  • Network Security

Since security is a significant concern for enterprises using Power over Ethernet, Planet Technology built the SGS-6310-48P6XR to support first-class security. How? The PoE switch uses MAC and port-based network security systems to block unauthorized access.

  • IP Network Protection

In addition to MAC and port-based security systems, the SGS-6310-48P6XR uses multiple other network protection technologies to enhance safety. In particular, the switch uses dynamic ARP inspection, DHCP snooping, and IP Source Guard to block unauthorized access.

  • Efficient and Secure Management

SGS-6310-48P6XR switch simplifies network management. It has a web-based management tool for seamless configuration, a standard-based remote management monitor, and Cisco-like commands to streamline first-time users’ learning curve.  


  • SFP Diagnosis Mechanism

SGS-6310 has a digital diagnostic monitor, allowing administrators to monitor the switch’s performance in real-time. From the monitor, network administrators can detect issues in voltage, temperature, and current, among other issues.

SGS-6310-48P6XR Features

  • Stackable.
  • IP6/IP4 routing.
  • 802.3 of end span.
  • IPV6 management.
  • L3 OSPF routing.

Consider Buying Planet’s SGS-6310-48P6XR PoE Switch for Your Network

Buying Planet’s SGS-6310-48P6XR means adding more bandwidth, more power, and high data transfer rates to your Ethernet network. Besides these apparent benefits, the SGS-6310 has several benefits:

Enterprise-grade Security

With various security features like Layer 2 and Layer 4 control access list, a technology that restricts network access from unauthorized persons. It is an excellent way to protect your data from hackers, alongside minimizing the liability associated with data breaches.

Reduced Energy Costs

The SGS-6310 network reduces power consumption by cutting off supply to idle end-equipment. As a result, your company can save significant amounts of money it could have wasted on powering inactive network devices.

Easy Installation

Like most hardware used in Power over Ethernet connections, the SGS-6310 is a plug-and-play component. That means you can add the hardware to your existing network cabling without the need to hire a technician.

Learn More About the SGS-6310-48P6XR PoE Switch

The SGS-6310-48P6X2 is an excellent upgrade to your existing Ethernet cabling network. It gives incredible speeds, security, and bandwidth while reducing energy and installation costs. If you want to buy the enterprise switch, contact Planet Technology USA to discuss your PoE project with an engineer.