PlanetechPRO Lifetime Warranty FAQ

Lifetime Warranty FAQ

PlanetechPRO® products have always been designed and built to the higher standards required for business-class networks. To clearly demonstrate that PlanetechPRO® products offer world-class quality, Planet Technology USA offers the original purchaser a limited lifetime hardware warranty with valid registration. This means that as long as a customer owns its PlanetechPRO® product, can show original proof of purchase and registration, Planet Technology USA will replace it if it breaks. Planet Technology USA knows that PlanetechPRO® products are reliable and are willing to stand behind them for life.

Your PlanetechPRO® product must have been purchased from Planet Technology USA in order to be eligible for warranty coverage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are products covered?

A: For as long as the original buyer owns the PlanetechPRO® product. Original proof of purchase and registration is required to receive warranty service.

Q: Which products are covered?

A: All Planet Technology USA Industrial products (EXCLUDING Industrial Power Supplies and SFP Modules). To see a list of covered products, click below.

Q: What products are NOT included?

A: Planet Technology USA products that are not part of the PlanetechPRO® line (or are not registered) will continue with their existing warranties.

Q: What happens if a product is discontinued?

A: Per Planet Technology USA standard hardware warranty, product that fails after it has been discontinued will be replaced with a new unit, a refurbished unit, or Planet Technology USA will refund the purchase price of the unit, less a reasonable usage charge.

Q: How do I register my PlanetechPRO product?

A: Your Industrial PlanetechPRO® unit must be registered in order to qualify for the lifetime warranty. Registration must be done within 35 days of the shipment date. Please click here to fill out the form.