Planet Technology received a neat hack from one of our customers this week that allowed him to power a tablet utilizing a PoE Injector, a PoE Splitter, and a modified Micro-USB (A Female to 5.5×2.5mm Male DC Power Cable). This hack allows users to power devices with low voltage requirements (up to ~24 volts) such as a tablet that supports video chat for video conferences. Users can even use this hack to set up a charging station for mobile devices when power outlets are absent or inconvenient to reach.



The Setup

With a PoE injector connected directly to a power outlet, users can connect a CAT5 cable with a length of up to 300M to a PoE Splitter. Normally, users would then connect the CAT5 cable and power patch cord to devices that do not support PoE, but under this special circumstance, users can ignore the functionality of the data cable and connect the DC patch cord to a female USB connector end. The female USB can accept a regular USB cable that connects to tablet computers, mobile devices or any other device with a micro or mini USB interface.


Please ensure your gadget’s voltage capacity supports the appropriate power settings before attempting to deploy this type of connection.

We recommend Planet’s PoE splitters (PoE-171S, PoE-151S, PoE-165S) and PoE Injectors (PoE-163, PoE-164, PoE-173), along with our optional DC to USB female adapter for this type of connection.

Please be aware that power attenuates a few watts in longer cables.


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