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Z-Wave Home Automation

Experience the home of the future with the energy-saving and time-saving technology of Planetech USA’s Z-Wave Home Automation Products. These units make it possible to enter the Internet of Things (IoT) market and build smart homes with the latest Z-Wave technology. Planetech USA offers home Automation smart home accessories that support Z-Wave Plus, a consumer-friendly upgrade that simplifies equipment installation. From Z-Wave Control Gateways to sensors, smoke detectors, and touch pads, these units make it possible to build a smart home via a secure mesh network. The Z-Wave Home Automation standard supports longer ranges than Bluetooth. Z wave also operates in the 900 MHZ Radio Frequency Band (RF) preventing it from interfering with Wi-Fi signals. The Z-Wave protocol supports interoperability and backwards compatibility, making it the widely accepted standard in the home automation industry.