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FWA-2100-NR Industrial 5G NR Outdoor Unit (ODU) with 1-port Gigabit PoE PD

FWA-2100-NR Industrial 5G NR Outdoor Unit (ODU) with 1-port Gigabit PoE PD



The FWA-2100-NR Outdoor Gateway harnesses advanced 5G NR technology and a unique dual-cellular WAN, it delivers lightning-fast and stable network access in any environment.

  • Ports: 1 10/100/1000T LAN
  • SIM Interface: 2 Nano SIM card slots
  • Cellular Antenna: 2 dBi internal
  • Power Requirements: 48V DC In, 0.5A IEEE 802.3at PoE+ or 12V DC In, 1.5A
  • Power Consumption: 18W/61.42BTU
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • TAA Compliant



Industrial 5G Outdoor Unit

Powerful 5G NR Industrial Outdoor Network Solution

PLANET has launched the FWA-2100-NR Outdoor Gateway, a groundbreaking connectivity solution. Harnessing advanced 5G NR technology and a unique dual-cellular WAN, it delivers lightning-fast and stable network access in any environment. Dual Nano SIM slots offer carrier flexibility, and with an IP68 rating, it excels in durability for diverse settings, including outdoor use. Whether in remote rural areas, bustling construction sites, or suburban homes, the WAW Gateway shines. Its high-speed Gigabit Ethernet LAN port ensures superior network performance. Embrace a new era of connectivity with WAW Gateway that brings to you stability, speed, and flexibility at your fingertips, especially tailored for outdoor environments.

Automatic Failover between 5G NR and Dual WAN

The FWA-2100-NR, featuring a dual nano SIM slot for 5G NR, ensures continuous Internet access through failover capabilities between two distinct 5G signals. With the flexibility to define priority for the dual 5G SIM connections, the FWA-2100-NR provides flexible connectivity options. In case of a primary WAN interface failure, the secondary interface promptly restores the connection, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted connectivity.

Ultra-Fast 4G/5G Network*

The FWA-2100-NR supports 5G NR DL speed of 2.4 Gbps higher than 4G LTE DL speed of 1 Gbps. The wide spectrum bandwidth accelerates internet speeds and reduces network latency for premium and time-sensitive connectivity services. The FWA-2100-NR also supports multi-band connectivity including LTE FDD/TDD, WCDMA and GSM for a wide range of applications.

*The real 5G NR/4G LTE data rate is dependent on local service provider.

Dual SIM Design

To enhance reliability, the FWA-2100-NR is equipped with dual nano SIM slots that support failover and roaming over to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical cellular communications. It provides a more flexible and easier way for users to create an instant network sharing service via 5G-NR in public places like transportations, outdoor events, etc.

GPS Included

The ICG-2515WF-NR is equipped with global positioning system feature. It adopts 5G-NR technology to incorporate multiple global navigation systems (GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS). It helps to position location of cellular gateway based on a network of satellites that continuously transmits necessary data. More signals transmitted from more satellites can triangulate its location on the ground, meaning any location can be easily tracked.

Ideal High-Availability VPN Security Router Solution for Industrial Environment

The FWA-2100-NR provides complete data security and privacy for accessing and exchanging the most sensitive data, built-in IPSec VPN function with DES/3DES/AES encryption and MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256/SHA-384/SHA-512 authentication, and GRE, SSL, PPTP and L2TP server mechanism. The full VPN capability in the FWA-2100-NR makes the connection secure, more flexible, and more capable.

Wi-Fi Deployments and Authentication with Simplified Management

The FWA-2100-NR also provides a built-in AP Controller, Captive Portal, RADIUS and a DHCP server to facilitate small and medium businesses to deploy secure employee and guest access services without any additional server. The FWA-2100-NR can offer a secure Wi-Fi network with easy installation for your business.

Centralized Remote Control of Managed APs

The ICG-2515WF-NR provides centralized management of PLANET Smart AP series via a user-friendly Web GUI. It’s easy to configure AP for the wireless SSID, radio band and security settings. With a four-step configuration process, wireless profiles for different purposes can be simultaneously delivered to multiple APs or AP groups to minimize deployment time, effort and cost.

For example, to configure multiple Smart APs of the same model, the FWA-2100-NR allows clustering them to a managed group for unified management. According to requirements, wireless APs can be flexibly expanded or removed from a wireless AP group at any time. The AP cluster benefits bulk provision and bulk firmware upgrade through single entry point instead of having to configure settings in each of them separately.

Clustered Management

Excellent Ability in Threat Defense

The FWA-2100-NR has built-in SPI (stateful packet inspection) firewall and DoS/DDoS attack mitigation functions to provide high efficiency and extensive protection for your network. Thus, virtual server and DMZ functions can let you set up servers in the Intranet and still provide services to the Internet users.

Cybersecurity Network Solution to Minimize Security Risks

The cybersecurity feature included to protect the switch management in a mission-critical network virtually needs no effort and cost to install. For efficient management, the FWA-2100-NR is equipped with HTTPS web and SNMP management interfaces. With the built-in web-based management interface, the FWA-2100-NR offers an easy-to-use, platform independent management and configuration facility. The FWA-2100-NR supports SNMP and it can be managed via any management software based on the standard SNMP protocol.



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