VF-106-KIT Video over Fiber (WDM) converter, A & B Included (SM, SC, 20km)

VF-106-KIT Video over Fiber (WDM) converter, A & B Included (SM, SC, 20km)

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MC-1610MR48 16-slot Managed Media Converter Chassis (DC power)

MC-1610MR48 16-slot Managed Media Converter Chassis (DC power)



The MC-1610MR48 from Planet Technology is a cost effective unit that houses 16 media converters within a 19 inch chassis.

  • Slots: 16 open slots for media converter, 2 power supply slots (1 included, 1 optional)
  • Power Requirements: -48V DC, 2A, -40~-60V
  • Power Consumption: 96W/327BTU (full loading)
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50°C
  • TAA Compliant

Media Converter Chassis

Highly-flexible and Remotely-manageable Fiber-optic Networking for FTTx Applications

For powerfully advanced fiber-optic function and cost-effective solution, PLANET Managed Media Converter Chassis series, MC-1610MR and MC-1610MR48, provides 16 media converter slots and one management system in a 19-inch rack chassis. The MC-1610MR series is designed for FTTx applications for ISPs, telecoms, campuses and enterprises.

The MC-1610MR series can easily build an FTTx infrastructure that perfectly meets your demands. The 16 slots are suitable for PLANET Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Smart Media Converters, such as the existing FST-80x, newly-designed GST-80x and brand-new XST-705A. It facilitates faster big data transmission,  ultra-high bandwidth with the requirement of 10Gigabit Ethernet, and more for the next-generation networks of data center cloud computing, enterprise backbones, campuses, and carriers.

The MC-1610MR series can flexibly deliver an FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTB (Fiber to the Building) or FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) network solution for ISPs, enterprises and campuses where the demands for reliable and efficient network performance and installation budget are highly concerned.

MC-1610MR48 Features

Diversified Central Management

The management function provided by the MC-1610MR series enables network administrators to monitor Media Converter connection status and configure the Converter remotely via Web browser or locally via an RS232 to RJ45 console port. Through the management interface, the entire status of the converters such as link on/off or statistics of the port will be clearly demonstrated and monitored. The MC-1610MR series is ideal for telecom and corporate applications where a number of fiber links need to be managed and controlled from a central location.

MC-1610MR-Series Management

Extremely Reliable Design to Ensure Continuous Operation

The MC-1610MR series supports the optional hot-swappable Redundant Power System (RPS) to ensure continuous operation. Both the MC-1610MR and MC-1610MR48 are equipped with one 100~240V AC power supply unit and one -48V DC power supply unit, which come in the package, respectively. To enhance the reliability, they each have one spare power supply slot for that optional purpose. The continuous power systems are specifically designed to meet the demands for high-tech facilities requiring the highest power integrity available. The MC-1610MR series with 48V DC power supply is a telecom level device that can be located in the electronic room.

Power Modules

Fiber-optic Redundant Link

The redundancy back-up and error tolerance capability of the link can be greatly improved to guarantee the network stability. The redundant link is designed for critical ISP, telecom, hospital, bank and enterprise networks that require fiber or copper links to rapidly recover automatically. If the master converter link is down, it will forward the packet to the slave converter’s port of the backup pair.

Monitoring of Temperature and Fan Status

The Managed Media Converter Chassis is equipped with temperature sensor and cooling fans to ensure reliable operation. Whenever the abnormal temperature is detected or cooling fan stops, the Managed Media Converter Chassis would display related information on the Web management interface. Therefore, it helps the administrator to efficiently manage the media converter operation.

Fan Temp Management

Flexibility and Extension

The MC-1610MR series allows the connection of up to 16 PLANET Smart Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Converters in one chassis. With an independent power supply on each slot of the MC-1610MR series, any converter is hot-swappable without causing an interruption to other converters. Each bay of the Media Converter Chassis can be populated with PLANET’s Smart Media Converters. PLANET FST-80x and GST-80x Smart Media Converter series provides media conversion between copper and FX, and SX and LX optical models for distance from 220m and to 120km.

The SFP+ slot of the XST-705AT is compatible with 10GBASE-SR or 10GBASE-LR fiber-optic transceivers. The fiber optic uplink capability guarantees the throughput to all nodes hooked into the network and the 10 Gigabit Ethernet distance can be extended from 300 meters (multi-mode fiber cable) to 10/20/40/60/80 kilometers (single-mode fiber cable). It is ideal for applications within the data centers and distributions.

With PLANET complete Smart Media converter products, the MC-1610MR series is an efficient, cost-effective and scalable solution for any large-scale networks.

MC-1610MR-Series Slots



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