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VF-402-KIT 4-Channel Video over Fiber Bundle Kit (TX & RX pair) (SM, FC, 20km)


The VF-402-KIT is the perfect choice to extend the range and signal conversion by the transmission of video and data over a single fiber-optic cable.

  • Mode: Single Mode
  • Wavelength VF-402-T: TX: 1310nm RX: 1550nm
  • Wavelength VF-402-R: TX: 1550nm RX: 1310nm
  • Distance: 20km
  • Fiber Connection: FC

Ideal For Analog Surveillance Systems

Analog camera deployment and high quality videos have never been simpler with the Video over Fiber media converter kit from Planet technology. The VF-402-KIT is the perfect choice to extend the range and signal conversion by the transmission of video and data over a single fiber-optic cable. The unit features intelligent encoding and decoding technology. This quality unit also comes in a compact box and permits videos to be delivered up to 20km. The VF-402-KIT includes a Video Transmitter and a Video Receiver:
  • VF-402-T: 4-Channel Video over Fiber Transmitter
  • VF-402-R: 4-Channel Video over Fiber Receiver
This kit is a fiber-optic transmission system that lowers the cost for dependable transmission of 4 channels of uncompressed digital video and 1 reverse RS-485 async-data over one fiber cable. The VF-402-KIT does not require adjustment but showcases high video quality and transmission. The unit can be operated simply by Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Traffic Surveillance, security monitoring, automation control, intelligent residential districts and etc.

Industrial Level Monitoring Systems

The VF-402-KIT operates effectively under a range of temperatures from -25 to 75°C. The unit does not distort the transmission of high quality video and clear graphics in long distance. This unit features international uncompressed full digital error correction and gigabit fiber optical transmission technology. This unit supports hot plug and can be utilized independently or on a rack mount. The unit does not require field adjustment and operates efficiently.


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