WAP-252N 2.4GHz 802.11n 300Mbps Outdoor Wireless AP (IP67, 802.3af/at PoE, 2 x N-Type Connector)

WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP FrontWAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP Side 1WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP side 2WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP Pole MountWAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP Pole mount 2WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP all sides
WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP
WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP Front
WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP Side 1
WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP side 2
WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP Pole Mount
WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP Pole mount 2
WAP-252N Outdoor Wireless AP all sides

WAP-252N 2.4GHz 802.11n 300Mbps Outdoor Wireless AP (IP67, 802.3af/at PoE, 2 x N-Type Connector)



The WAP-252N 802.11n Outdoor Wireless AP features IP67-rated aluminum case, IEEE 802.11n 2T2R standard with maximum connectivity and 300Mbps performance in 2.4GHz frequency band.

  • Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Max. Data Rate: 300Mbps
  • Antenna: 2 Built-in N-type Connectors
  • Network Interface: Wireless 802.11n 2T2R, 1 x 10/100TX, 802.3at PoE In
  • Max. Client: 64 per radio
  • Power System: 48V 0.5A, 802.3at PoE+
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 70°C
  • TAA Compliant

Outdoor Wireless AP

Rugged and Durable Outdoor Wi-Fi Solution

PLANET’s WAP-252N 802.11n Outdoor Wireless AP comes with an IP67-rated aluminum case which is protected from dust and water immersion. It adopts IEEE 802.11n 2T2R standard with maximum connectivity and 300Mbps performance in 2.4GHz frequency band. By connecting high-gain antennas through the flexible N-type connectors, it is easy to achieve various outdoor long-distance applications that adapt to any rough environment.

PoE Function

For the maximum adaptability and stability in rugged environments, the WAP-252N not only comes with IP67-rated aluminum die-cast housing, but also adopts the enterprise-level Qualcomm kernel, capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C. With IEEE 802.3af/at PoE, the WAP-252N can be easily installed in the areas where power outlets are not available. Furthermore, it is also suitable to be integrated with PLANET’s Solar Power PoE System to offer wireless services even in the suburbs.

WAP-252N Environment Adaptations

Designed for Heavy Data Transmission Traffic

With a larger memory capacity and faster CPU clock speed, the WAP-252N is capable of withstanding high frequency of user access and heavy data transmission traffic in the densely-populated areas. To have a suitable coverage threshold, the product can flexibly control the client access, efficiently limit unreachable clients and retain bandwidth for authorized users. To provide maximum performance, the WAP-252N can implement up to 8 operation modes for a multitude of applications.

WAP-252N Client ControlMultiple SSIDs with VLAN Tagging

The WAP-252N supports WPA/WPA2 and 802.1X RADIUS authentication to secure the wireless connection. The supported IEEE 802.1Q VLAN allows multiple VLAN tags to be mapped to multiple SSIDs to distinguish the wireless access. This makes it possible for the WAP-252N to work with managed Ethernet switches to have VLANs assigned to a different access level and authority.

WAP-252N Multi-SSIDsOptimized Efficiency in AP Management

The brand-new GUI configuration wizard helps the system administrator easily set up the WAP-252N step by step. The built-in Wi-Fi analyzer provides real-time channel utilization to prevent channel overlapping to assure greater performance. With the automatic transmission power mechanism, distance control and scheduling reboot setting, the WAP-252N is easier for the administrator to deploy and manage without on-site maintenance. You can install PLANET AP controller software, SAPC (Smart AP Control), to deliver wireless profiles to multiple APs simultaneously, thus making the central management simple.

WAP-252N Management



With a specific antenna connected through the built-in N-type connectors and eight operation modes, the WAP-252N greatly benefits the system integrator as a multitude of applications can be had for communities, warehouses, campuses, harbors, etc. Designed to be adapted to any rigorous environment, the WAP-252N comes with a IP67-rated aluminum case and standard PoE power scheme, thus eliminating the difficulty in the outdoor wireless LAN deployment.


WAP-252N Deployment


Furthermore, compatible with the latest PLANET Smart AP Control, the WAP-252N can assist administrators in managing the network centrally with ease.

WDAP-802AC & WAP-252N Application Diagram



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