WGR-500-4P Industrial Wall-mount Gigabit Router with 4-Port 802.3at PoE+

WGR-500-4P Industrial Wall-mount Gigabit Router with 4-Port 802.3at PoE+



The WGR-500-4P is an industrial router with 8023at PoE+ capability, designed for Internet of Things (IoT) network.

  • Ports: 4 10/100/1000TX LAN + 1 10/100/1000TX WAN
  • PoE Ports: 4
  • Standards: 802.3at
  • PoE Power Budget: 120W (depending on power input)
  • Power Consumption: Max. 132W/ 450BTU (Full Loading w/ PoE)
  • Operating Temperature: -10° to 60°C
  • TAA Compliant

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Industrial Wall-mount Gigabit Router

All-in-One Industrial Router Enhances IoT Network

The WGR-500-4P is an industrial router with 8023at PoE+ capability, designed for Internet of Things (IoT) network. It is capable of having a maximum of up to 120 watts of power output and unique PoE mechanism that facilitates the Ethernet PoE PD management more efficiently in Industrial networks, such as factory, transportation, government buildings, and other public areas. It also features the following special management and operation functions. The WGR-500-4P is the best solution for industry router application.

  • Wizard design and IPv6 / IPv4 support
  • Router and switch working mode
  • Firewall with 802.1Q VLAN security
  • PoE usage indicator and management
  • 48-56V DC dual power design

WGR-500-4P Industrial PoE Router

IPv6 Support for IoT Networking

With billions of new IoT devices entering the market each year, IPv4 is faced with the issue of not being able to fulfill the requirements of connecting all the IoT products together. IPv6 offers a highly-scalable address scheme that provides a unique 64-bit host ID to every present and future IoT device. It is sufficient to address the needs of any present and future communication device. That means IPv6 allows IoT products to be uniquely addressable without having to work around all of the traditional NAT and firewall issues.

The WGR-500-4P supports both IPv6 and IPv4 to ensure industrial Ethernet with a smooth migration path from the IPv4-based networks to the full IPv6 infrastructure. It assigns IPv6 addresses to clients and passes the IPv6 traffics through the IPv4 environment. The WGR-500-4P supports IPv4 tunneling (6to4 transition tunnel) implementations for IoT connectivity.

Secure Firewall Protection

The denial-of-service attacks (DoS) attempt to consume resources and therefore deny users network and application access. There are two types of DoS attacks SYN floods and ping of death that consume actual server resources, or those of intermediate communication equipment, such as firewalls and load balancers, and the other, volume-based attacks like UDP/ICMP floods and other spoofed-packet floods that would saturate the bandwidth of the attacked site.

The WGR-500-4P provides firewall to protect IoT devices against networking attack like denial-of-service (DoS), and emerging malicious traffic before attacks can occur. With firewall protection, it prevents IoT network from threats and keeps networking more secure.

WGR-500-4P Secure Firewall Protection

VLAN Support for Isolated Traffic and Security

Virtual LANs (VLANs) offer the logical grouping technique to separate the physical ports of Ethernet switch. It can separate private network into several parts for different users. If there are too many computers or networking devices in the same network segment, it will result in heavy traffics locally. Besides, VLANs provide enhanced network security that network administrators can control over each port and whatever resources it is allowed to use.

The WGR-500-4P supports 802.1Q VLAN to separate traffic of users and IoT devices and can work as an intelligent traffic forwarder to control traffic and isolate connections of two groups. It will not only optimize bandwidth but also improve network security.

WGR-500-4P VLAN Support

Centralized Remote Control of Managed APs*

The WGR-500-4P provides centralized management of PLANET Smart AP series via a user-friendly Web GUI. It’s easy to configure AP for the wireless SSID, radio band and security settings. With a four-step configuration process, different purposes of wireless profiles can be simultaneously delivered to multiple APs or AP groups to minimize deployment time, effort and cost.

WGR-500-4P Centralized Wireless Controller

For example, to configure multiple Smart APs of the same model, the WGR-500-4P allows clustering them to a managed group for unified management. According to requirements, wireless APs can be flexibly expanded or removed from a wireless AP group at any time. The AP cluster benefits bulk provision and bulk firmware upgrade through single entry point instead of having to configure settings in each of them separately.

WGR-500-4P Simplified Cluster Management

*Note: The feature will be available via firmware upgrade.

Built-in Unique PoE Functions for Powered Devices Management

The WGR-500-4P is capable of having a maximum of up to 120 watts of power output and can deliver up to 36W for each port. It also features the following special PoE management functions:

  • PoE usage monitoring:
    • With PoE usage monitoring, it can show the PoE loading of each port, total PoE power usage and system status, such as overload, low voltage, over voltage and high temperature. User can obtain detailed information about the real-time PoE working condition of the WGR-500-4P directly.
  • PoE schedule:
    • Under the trend of energy saving worldwide and contributing to environmental protection, the WGR-500-4P can effectively control the power supply besides its capability of giving high watts power. The PoE schedule function helps you to enable or disable PoE power feeding for each PoE port during specified time intervals and it is a powerful function to help SMBs or enterprises save power and budget. It also increases security by powering off PDs that should not be in use during non-business hours.


WGR-500-4P PoE Scheduling

  • Scheduled power recycling:
    • The WGR-500-4P allows each of the connected PoE IP cameras or PoE wireless access points to reboot at a specific time each week. Therefore, it will reduce the chance of IP camera or AP crash resulting from buffer overflow.
  • PD alive check:
    • The WGR-500-4P can be configured to monitor connected PD status in real time via ping action. Once the PD stops working and responding, the WGR-500-4P will resume the PoE port power and bring the PD back to work. It will greatly enhance the network reliability through the PoE port resetting the PD’s power source and reducing administrator management burden.

PD Alive Check

Innovative Wall-mount Installation

The WGR-500-4P is specially designed to be installed in a narrow environment, such as wall enclosure or electric weak box. The compact, flat and wall-mounted design fits easily in any space-limited location. It adopts the user-friendly Front Access design, making the installing, cable wiring, LED monitoring and maintenance of the WGR-500-4P placed in an enclosure very convenient for technicians. The WGR-500-4P can be installed by fixed wall mounting, magnetic wall mounting or DIN rail, thereby making its usability more flexible.



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