How do you migrate to a VoIP system without retiring your fax machine?

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) rescue the utility of legacy Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS), fax machines, as well as other customer premise equipment (CPE). Analog telephone adapters convert the analog signals of legacy equipment into digital packets and transmit them in an IP-based network.

An analog telephone adapter makes it simple to integrate legacy equipment into an existing VoIP system without having to replace them with newer VoIP equipment.

VoIP Product Guide Ebook Download is pleased to announce that as part of our VoIP product roll out, we will now be offering the VIP-157, an analog telephone adapter that will help network administrators build a flexible VoIP communication system.

Salvage The Utility of Standard Telephones

Analog Telephone Adapter InfographicThe VIP-157 offers a simple installation and converts standard telephones into an IP-based network communication hardware. The unit enables legacy equipment to form part of a telephony communication services via an existing broadband connection to the Internet or corporation network.

This gives network administrators the opportunity to reuse their previous hardware investment in legacy telephones and conference phones, maximizing the cost-efficiency of the deployment of a VoIP system.

The VIP-157 is equipped with two telephony interfaces, enabling users to switch between VoIP and PSTN. The unit can be paired with’s IP PBX to build a high-quality VoIP system.

The VIP-157 includes two alternative Ethernet interfaces for Internet (PPPoE, DHCP or Fixed IP) or office LAN connection.

The VIP-157 supports IPv6 and VPN connection to support the new generation of network communication.

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