Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an appealing technology for network administrators seeking to deploy Ethernet where power does not exist. These unassuming electrical components pioneer into the places where electrical cabling has not yet been installed.

PoE deployment in security industries and enterprises is quite common, but PoE is fast proving its utility in places beyond enterprises.

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The Zen of Power over Ethernet

PoE has proven to be a flexible medium to deploy in sparsely populated areas.  PoE IP surveillance cameras have successfully been deployed in a Tibetan Buddhist-based spiritual retreat in Malaysia. These cameras help visitors focus on their spiritual solace instead of having to worry about their personal security.


Sparsely populated areas like retreats are ideal locations to deploy PoE because it foregoes the expensive necessity of having to install electrical cabling. Furthermore, retreats in these areas can offer other commodities such a Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and Voice over IPs (VoIP).

Power over Ethernet in Vertical Markets

PoE equipment is a popular medium among other vertical markets such as government, transportation, higher education and healthcare.

IP Cameras

Transportation facilities rely on IP cameras to help them monitor external areas. IP surveillance cameras can also be found inside subways and trains, and even in charter buses to monitor internal threats.

Facilities that are constantly under expansion such as higher education and healthcare sites can easily integrate additional standardized IP surveillance to an existing IP network.


Outdoor IP Surveillance Cameras such as the ICA-HM312 operate in temperature ranges of -20-50 °C and are designed to withstand the elements.

Benefits of IP Surveillance Camera

Though analog cameras are less expensive than IP surveillance cameras, they offer no remote access and require external hardware such as a closed circuited television monitor (CCTC) to store data for each set of surveillance systems on a site.

IP surveillance cameras on the other hand, rely on a computer and a web browser and support both local and remote monitoring.  In addition, each IP camera has its own unique IP address thereby simplifying the process of locating the source of a video.

Unlike analog cameras, IP cameras offer higher resolutions and don’t lose their picture quality when magnified. IP surveillance cameras can identify up-close details about individuals which can lead to instrumental clues during criminal investigations.

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