PLANET now offers a wall-mounted managed switch with LCD touch screen. This product line includes managed switches like the WGS-5225-8T2SV, an Industrial 8-port 10/100/1000T + 2-port 100/1000X SFP wall-mount managed switch. It comes complete with an IPv6/IPv4 dual stack management, intelligent Layer 2/Layer 4 management functions, and user-friendly interface.

In this article, PLANET will focus on that interface, namely the intuitive LCD touch screen.

This wall-mounted managed switch allows you to access and monitor the following functions on-screen and execute needed commands easily while providing transparency into what’s happening across your switch network. Here’s a list of some of the things you can manage:

  • IP
  • PoE
  • Port
  • SFP
  • VLAN
  • LLDP
  • QoS


NOTE: This switch features gigabit networking speed and operates in temperatures ranging from -20 to 70°C.

Your team will be able to manage networks right from the touch screen. The word “team” is not used haphazardly. One powerful advantage of on-screen access management is people do NOT need sophisticated training. People just need a simple tutorial and they’re good.

  • Homeowners
  • Facilities staff [not just IT staff]
  • Manufacturing floor [line workers]
  • Security staff [IP surveillance]

That frees up the IT team for other priorities, which is helpful in large-scale operations like campuses, public buildings, factories, and expansive apartment complexes.

NOTE: Industrial grade temperature resistance makes secure outdoor installations possible in some geographic areas.  

What aspects of switch management does the LCD touch screen allow?

  • Real-Time Network Managment
  • Efficient Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Centralized Network Equipment Identification

Let’s take a closer at the actual screen.

Intuitive LCD Control

The 2.4” touch screen on its front panel facilitates Ethernet management, making real-time monitoring in large-scale networks a much simpler process. PLANET’s LCD Control also features these status and management functions allow you to:

  • Configure IP address, VLAN and QoS
  • Monitor and manage ports and their status, and SFP information
  • Troubleshoot cable issues and ping IP remotely
  • Diagnostic feature
  • Reboot devices, return to factory default settings and save changes

Wall-Mounted Managed Switch with LCD Screen Intuitive Control

Example One:

Let’s say you notice the Internet slows down considerably due to unusual traffic. Here’s a step-by-step of how you, or even an associate with limited training, can diagnose and fix this problem without having to log in or having to access a computer.

STEP ONE: Go to the switch and check to see if lights are blinking.

NOTE: You’re going to need to be next to the switch anyway to access the LCD touch screen.

Wall-Mounted Managed Switch with LCD Screen SwitchANSWER: Yes they are.

STEP TWO: Now, you go to interfaces button and determine the WIDTH UTILIZATION for each port. Here’s that screen.

Wall-Mounted Managed Switch with LCD Screen Width Utilization Setting

ANSWER: line 02 has an unusually high usage. No other line is even close. There’s a problem.

STEP THREE: You’re going to drill down to look for root cause. You click on STORM CONTROL.

Wall-Mounted Managed Switch with LCD Screen Storm Control Setting

Wall-Mounted Managed Switch with LCD Screen Setting

ANSWER: Click on line 02 to see what the diagnostic feature tells you. Once into that screen, you see there’s a bot attack and limit the traffic for that port. This should return the network traffic to normal, indicated by solid green light display on the switch.

This switch offers a number of other really cool, easy-access management features.

  • Cable diagnostic
  • Port reboot
  • PoE device tracking

PLANET switches with customizable LCD Touch Screens come in a wide range of port numbers, sizes and other features. Read our data sheet and quick guide to learn more.

NOTE: The LCD Touch Screens are fully customizable for a small NRE fee from the factory.

They may also be combined with other switches to capture redundancy benefits.

Recover Critical Network Applications Quickly with Redundant Ring Technology

Redundant Ring Protocol  (RRP) uses multiple local area networks to bolster networks against failures. It works by clustering communication among networks similar to a single network is operational.

  • rapid self-recovery features
  • redundant power inputs

A simple ring network can recovery data in 20ms. This feature is an excellent support to large and mission critical networks.

Wall-Mounted Managed Switch with LCD Screen Redundant Ring Protocol

Final Thoughts

The capabilities that an external access touch screen enables on a wall-mounted managed switch can not be underestimated. It will make staffing up certain business areas much simpler. Without getting too philosophical, the IT mentoring process can begin at earlier stages within a company, and indeed the potential for cross-training is also there.

You may be familiar with this article about SMART Technology and the expanding role of the IT professional and the addition of energy management.

Energy efficiency and automation throughout the business ecosystem is going to make network access through LCD touch screens essential.

As ever, it is our pleasure to help you serve your clients, internal and external. Please take a minute to like PLANET on Facebook.