Planetech USA is pleased to announce that we will be able to help network administrators surpass the standard 100 meter Ethernet limitation with our LRP-101U-KIT, a Long Reach Poe over UTP Extender Kit that enables network administrators to extend units via standard UTP cable. These units can extend a network link up to 500m (1,640ft.) and up to 300meters (1,000ft.) over an existing 1-Pair Twisted-Pair Cable, such as a telephone wiring for example.

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These units offer a simple ‘plug and play’ installation and auto-negotiation to facilitate installation.

The LRP-101U-Kit allows network administrators to harness Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE delivers data and power simultaneously and allows network administrators to deploy these units at any location. PoE also eliminates the expense of having to install additional power outlet sources. With a PoE budget of up to 25 watts, these units make it simple to connect network applications such as IP Surveillance Cameras or Wireless Access Points.

LRP-101U-KitPoE simplifies the deployment of long distance network applications and removes the need for managing power adapters.

The kit includes:

(1) LRP-101UH: 1-Port 10/100TX PoE PD + 1-Port UTP Long Reach PoE Injector
(1) LRP-101UE: 1-Port 10/100TX PoE PSE + 1-Port UTP Long Reach PoE Extender

The LRP-101U-KIT features a small, wall mountable design enclosed in a metal encasement. The LRP-101U-KIT can operate in demanding environments with temperatures ranging between -20 to 70 degrees C.

Long Reach PoE over COAX Extender kit LRP-101U-KIT