Our recent guide to IP PBX systems compares and contrasts the benefits of on-site and hosted IP-PBX Systems. Both modes help businesses build reliable VoIP Systems, but on-site IP PBX systems allow businesses to take full control of their VoIP system. One of the main advantages of VoIP phones that rely on on-site IP PBX equipment is that it gives network administrators the ability to set up several trunk lines as extension calls, allowing businesses to build a cost-effective communication system that can span across several locations.

Planetech USA is pleased to announce that we will now be able to help businesses build cost-effective VoIP systems with our new sip-based IPX-330 and IPX-2100 IP PBX equipment.

Intuitive IP PBX Machine Management

Our on-site IP PBX equipment is designed to support small to medium enterprises who want to take fuller control of their VoIP systems. The IPX-330 is able to accept 30 user registrations while the IPX-2100 is able to accept 100 user registrations. The IPX-2100 and the IPX-330 support the seamless communication between existing PSTN calls, analog, IP phones and SIP-based endpoints. The units support IPv6 and VPN (client/server) connections to future-proof and secure VoIP communications.

Simple Replacement of Old PBX Systems

One of the most appealing features for the units are their ability to convert standard telephones to IP-based networks without requiring additional wiring. This enables service providers and enterprises to offer traditional and enhanced telephony communication services via their existing broadband connections.

Replacing IP-PBX Systems


Standard Compliance

Compliant with the Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261), the IPX-330 and the IPX-2100 support the Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261) to optimize their compatibility with Internet Telephony Service Providers.

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Paper-Free Communication

The Fax to Email / Email to Fax services provided by the IPX-2100 and the IPX-330 allow users to transfer or receive faxes directly to or from the email inbox as file attachments. This simplifies the manner of receiving, storing and forwarding important fax documents creating clutter-free and paperless communication.

Paper-free VoIP communication

Full Security with VPN Support

The IPX-330 supports VPN to securely and cost-effectively connect organizations across distant locations, creating a cohesive virtual network. The IPX-330 VPN support can also be used by ordinary Internet users to connect to proxy servers to protect their identity. The unit includes VPN server/client function to allow users to securely login.


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