Versa Technology upgraded their broadband to fiber technology. Take a sneak peek into our new Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) deployment!

Relics of the Past

Loading coils used to reside in these telecom manholes.  Unfortunately, these loading coils used to interfere with DSL signals and had to be uprooted by Internet Service Providers (ISP). Verizon spent millions of dollars uprooting the loading coils after having bought Pacific Bell and GTE. Customers had to wait as much as three months to receive high-speed internet.manhole

Standard Cautionary Measures

Fiber is fed through these pipes that lead to our wire cabinets inside our facility.  To prevent over-flooding, our Internet Service Provider (ISP) sealed them shut with insulation.

FTTP Deployment

For an added measure of protection, our installer also insulated the pipe inside the wiring cabinet of our facilities.

FTTP Deployment

Optical Network Terminal  

Our new Optical Network Terminal (O.N.T) will translate Fiber broadband signals into the electric signals that Ethernet cables will be able to understand.


Picking up the Slack


The back portion of the mounting bracket houses the extra fiber. The front portion holding the power supply unit and the O.N.T. will then be mounted onto the bracket.

All Hooked Up

FTTP Deployment


Before finishing installation, our installer needed to activate the fiber cable and configure the O.N.T.

After allocating sufficient bandwidth for our VoIP services, our Windows machines are running at about 33.84  D / 25.30 U Mbps  while our Mac machines are running a zippy 38.17 D /29.44 U Mbps speeds.

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Did you know that researchers have been able to transport data at fiber speeds via airwaves? Click here to learn more!