Z-Wave Plus, also known as the 500 Series or 5th Generation of Z-Wave protocols, is a revamped protocol that will enhance end-user experience and simplify the installation of Z-Wave home automation devices. This consumer-grade upgrade is also accompanied by some technological updates as well.

The Z-Wave 500 Series is a core technology composed of a revamped chip and module. Also known as the “Next Gen” of Z-wave hardware platforms, Z-Wave Plus features backwards compatibility with all Z-Wave Devices. Former Z-Wave Alliance Chairman Mark Walters, specified in an interview that Z-Wave had a “no product left behind” policy and assures that even first generation devices that pre-date the alliance would still support basic operability with Z-Wave-Plus-enabled devices.

Z-Wave Plus is a standard comprised of a technical and marketing component. Sigma Designs, an American chip and Semiconductor manufacturing company uses third party laboratories to guarantee interoperability among vendors while the Z-wave alliance manages branding policies.

Z-Wave Plus features a new logo aimed to help consumers “identify products that take advantage of the recently introduced Z-Wave 500 Series platform capabilities” according to the alliance’s press release.

This new branding strategy aims to differentiate the newer consumer-friendly and advanced tech updates to facilitate market awareness of the newer Z-Wave protocol. To learn more about Z-wave click here.

Technological improvements include longer battery life, faster operation, and better RF coverage.

Z-Wave Plus Infographic

These advancements in micro chip performance, as noted by the Z-Wave Alliance, include no noticeable price increase. To find out about the Z-wave plus certification program click here.

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