ICG-2420-LTE Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Gateway with 4-Port 10/100TX (2 SIM Card Slots, 1 RS232, 1 RS485, DI/DO, -20~70C)


ICG-2420-LTE Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Gateway with 4-Port 10/100TX (2 SIM Card Slots, 1 RS232, 1 RS485, DI/DO, -20~70C)

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The ICG-2420-LTE is a highly-reliable, secure cellular communications gateway for industrial networking and 4G LTE.

  • Ports: 3 LAN 10/100TX, 1 WAN 10/100TX
  • LTE Band: B2/B4/B5/B12
  • Cellular Antenna: 22dBi external w/ SMA connectors for LTE
  • LTE Data Rate: 20MHz bandwidth: 150Mbps (DL), 50Mbps (UL)
  • Power Requirements: 10 to 32V DC, 1A
  • Power Consumption: 7W/ 24 BTU
  • Operating Temperature: -20º to 70ºC
  • Built-in Dual SIM for network redundancy
  • TAA Compliant

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Industrial Cellular Gateway

Making Network Connection Easy with 4G LTE Cellular Gateway

PLANET’s ICG-2420-LTE series is a highly-reliable and secure cellular communications gateway for industrial networking. With four Ethernet ports (3 LAN and 1 WAN) and 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), the ICG-2420-LTE offers the cellular connection for at least 3 devices. In addition, it supports LTE 2×1 DL MIMO technology which can reach a download (DL) speed of up to 150Mbps and an upload (UL) speed of 50Mbps. The cellular gateway also supports multi-band connectivity including LTE FDD/TDD, WCDMA and GSM for a wide range of applications and vertical machine-to-machine (M2M) platform. The ICG-2420-LTE is specially designed for industrial environments that need to deploy cellular communication networks with wide temperature ranges from -20° to 70°C.

Dual SIM Designed

To enhance reliability, the ICG-2420-LTE series is equipped with dual SIM slots that support failover and roaming over to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical cellular communications. It provides a more flexible and easier way for users to create an instant network sharing service via 4G LTE whenever in public places.

Dual SIM

Cost-effective VPN Solution

The ICG-2420-LTE series provides complete data security and privacy for access and exchange of the most sensitive data. The full VPN capability of the ICG-2420-LTE series including built-in OpenVPN and IPSec VPN function with DES/3DES/AES encryption and MD5/SHA-1 authentication makes the shared connection more secure and flexible. The IPSec VPN also makes the private tunnel over Internet in a secure way toward the business.

VPN Solution


Remote Manageable Solution for Ethernet to RS232/RS485 Applications

PLANET’s ICG-2420-LTE series serial RS232/RS485 interface can be converted over the Fast Ethernet networking. It can operate as a virtual server or client where IP-based serial equipment can be managed. The ICG-2420-LTE series helps save the network administrator’s time in detecting and locating network problems, rather than visual inspection of cabling and equipment.

RS232 Application

Superior Management Functions

For networking management features, the ICG-2420-LTE series provides such functions as DHCP server, DMZ and Port Forwarding, as well as full secure functions including Network Address Translation (NAT), IP/URL/MAC filtering. The ICG-2420-LTE series has 4G and WAN connection failover characteristics, which can automatically switch over to the redundant stable WAN connection to keep users online.

User-friendly and Secure Management

For efficient management, the ICG-2420-LTE series is equipped with console, web and SNMP management interfaces. With the built-in web-based management interface, the ICG-2420-LTE series offers an easy-to-use, platform independent management and configuration facility. The ICG-2420-LTE series supports SNMP and it can be managed via any management software based on the standard SNMP v1 or v2 Protocol. Moreover, the ICG-2420-LTE series offers the remotely secure management by supporting SSHv2 and SNMP v3 connection where the packet content can be encrypted at each session.

Secure Management


IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack Capability

The ICG-2420-LTE series supports both IPv4 and IPv6 Protocols. As more network devices are growing and the needs for larger addressing and higher security become critical, the ICG-2420-LTE series is the best solution for applications of 4G LTE and serial communication to connect with the IPv6 networks.



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