Aging Network Infrastructure & Delta's Virtual Crash

Aging Network Infrastructure and Delta’s Virtual Crash

Back on January 29, 2017, Delta Airline suffered a well-publicized computer crash grounding 280 planes. An earlier disruption back in August of 2016 caused a startling 1,000 flight delays, on day 1, and another 779 the next.

Things happen. We get it.

But when you have 2 such notable instances where flights get delayed or canceled due to a network glitch, it’s probably time for a conversation about

MC-1500 and VC-231 Bring Remote Networks Closer

MC-1500 & VC-231 Bring Remote Networks Closer

Remote network installations are becoming more and more common.

In recent years, technological components have been developed to withstand greater temperature and weather extremes. This accordingly allows for more varied installations.

Today, we want to highlight 3 particular types of remote installations.

PLANET media converters are the perfect compliment for each. Featuring plug-and-play functionality,

SFP Modules & Interfaces | Taking the Next Step

SFP Modules and Interfaces | Taking the Next Step

SFP modules are becoming increasingly popular, and customers are looking for managed switches with integrated SFP ports.

Our PLANET Managed Switch, the GS-5220-24P4XVR is a great example. It has 24 PoE ports, but it also has 4 SFP+ ports built in. This makes the task of integrating fiber-optic cables into Ethernet networks exponentially easier.

IT and installation teams can rejoice. This all-in-one

Passive Optical Networks Provide Speedy & Economical Broadband

Passive Optical Networks Provide Speedy and Economical Broadband

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have noticed the massive infrastructure spend Uncle Sam announced earlier this year. A proposed investment to the tune of $1 trillion!

A few remember reading the stunning announcement in the Washington Post that Uncle Sam was getting ready to “pour” $1 Trillion smackeroos into a massive infrastructure repair program.

As we get a clearer understanding

Energy Efficiency and the Future for IT Staff Members

Energy-Efficiency and the Future for IT Staff Members

As energy-efficient technology races ahead, the government and private industries alike are hustling to keep up.

As part of this effort, the Department of Energy’s “Building Technologies Office (BTO) recently made an exciting announcement. It will be investing over $3 million in a series of 5 pilot projects aimed at improving the efficiency of the nation’s commercial buildings.

This spending

PoE Lighting Advancements Illuminate Cities of the Future

PoE Lighting Advancements Illuminate Cities of the Future

Cars fly past your mega-skyscraper window. Your friendly robot arrives serving your favorite martini. As the sun goes down, the lights dim and change hue for a more evening appropriate mood.

You get up and walk into your bedroom. As the light dims further behind you, your bedroom comes to life without you needing to push a single button.

This vision, once merely part of a fantastic dream enjoyed by

HDBaseT | Simplifying Entertainment Network Installs

HDBaseT | Simplifying Entertainment Network Installs

HDBaseT is a killer new technology that’s really starting to take its place in mainstream networking.

It’s an IT admins dream, and it’s fast becoming a favorite of homeowners and installers as well. And for good reason.

HDBaseT provides a solution to many of the challenges networkers face, and with a few exceptions, consumers can plug and play with these new switches and extenders.

So what is

Beginner's Guide to PoE Injectors

Beginner’s Guide to PoE Injectors

Okay. Let’s be honest with one another. It’s summertime and the fun’s just getting started.

The last thing you want to do, is sit in front of your computer and do research. But by the same token, it’s important to be sure your networks are well-equipped and optimized to allow you some of that desperately needed R&R.

We all know how frustrating it is to get called out of a vacation day

Smart Technology & Personal Privacy Limits

Smart Technology and Personal Privacy Limits

As you’re probably aware, on May 17th Wanna Cryptor (commonly known as WannaCry) became a serious problem world-wide. In the UK alone, 16 hospitals were forced to divert emergency room patients to other facilities because their computer systems were locked down.

This ransomware is a worm – a standalone malware program – that spreads by using Eternal Blue. Recognize that name? It’s