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MC-1500R (AC Power) 19" 2.4U 15-Slot Media Converter Chassis with Optional Redundant Power Supply

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IECC-210-KIT Industrial EtherCAT Media Converter Kit (IECC-210T + IECC-210R)

IECC-210-KIT Industrial EtherCAT Media Converter Kit (IECC-210T + IECC-210R)



The IECC-210-KIT (IECC-210T +IECC-210R) is an industrial EtherCAT Media Converter kit equipped with the EtherCAT protocol for industrial applications.

  • Copper Ports: 1 x 100TX RJ45
  • Filer Ports: 1 x 100FX SFP
  • Optical Interface: *SFP module required and sold separately*
  • Input Voltage: 9~48V DC
  • Power Consumption: 1.92W max.
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 75°C
  • TAA Compliant

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Industrial EtherCAT Media Converter Kit

Powering the Digital Transformation with EtherCAT

PLANET IECC-210-KIT (IECC-210T +IECC-210R) is an industrial EtherCAT Media Converter equipped with the EtherCAT protocol for today’s distributed industrial applications. The EtherCAT-capable IECC-210T for Industrial Fast Ethernet serves as media converter from copper to optical fiber while the IECC-210R does the opposite. It can be diagnosed as two separate EtherCAT devices. With the advantage of fiber optic cabling, the data transmission distance of the IECC-210T and the IECC-210R can be extended to 60km (Depending on the ability of SFP module). Their compact size and DIN-rail mounting make installation in a cabinet easy. Pluggable terminal blocks and LED indicator help users to maintain and set up their system.

IECC-210-KIT Features

Flexible Installation

The IECC-210-KIT is an ideal media converter solution which provides quick installation, real-time connection status monitoring, wide-ranging power input and wide operating temperature to improve work efficiency, making them suitable for the harsh environment. Besides, both of them come with one 100BASE-TX RJ45 port and one 100BASE-FX SFP port. Through the EtherCAT technology, a network of up to 65,535 devices can be supported without the limitation of the type of topology — line, bus, tree, star or any arrangement – -being used.


An EtherCAT slave is an electronic device that carries out cyclical sequences of calculations and/or data copying tasks at a certain interval (cycle). The EtherCAT slave working cycle (e.g. in the range of a few µs up to several ms) can be derived from different sources. EtherCAT node can measure time difference between leaving and returning frame. With distributed clocks, EtherCAT can realize a precise synchronization time of <1us between each slave module.

IECC-210-KIT Sync

Convenient and Reliable Power System

The IECC-210-KIT is equipped with one 4-pin DC power input connector with screws for power supply installation. With power magnetic protection design, it can avoid the device burnout due to wrong wiring. In addition, it also possesses an integrated power supply source with wide-ranging voltages (9 to 48V DC) for worldwide high availability applications.

IECC-210-KIT Power System

Environmentally Hardened Design

With the IP30 metal industrial case, the IECC-210-KIT provides a high level of immunity against electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges which are usually found on plant floors or in curb-side traffic control cabinets without air conditioning. It features a ventilated construction in which a cooling fan is not necessary, thereby making its operation noiseless. Being able to operate under the temperature range from -40 to 75°C, the IECC-210-KIT can be placed in almost any difficult environment.

IECC-210-KIT Industrial Design



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